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David Hill, 53, Apison, Tennessee, Pastor, Anti-vaxxer, Died from COVID.

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

According to social media posts (below), David Hill passed away on September 22, 2021 after battling COVID for a little over a month. David was against the vaccine and safety measures. Let's see why.

This first post doesn't have anything to do with the vax, but it is pretty funny:

This is hilarious! Touche,David! David's attitude on COVID. First, a Fauci anti-vax meme...

Government control?

A sheeple who follow the government meme:

CDC sucks meme...

My body, my choice:


Rand Paul doesn't help matters:

How many people are dead because they listened to Rand Paul?

The "COVID is no joke" admission.

^^^ OF COURSE it's no joke! The entire planet has been shut down for 2 years because of this damn virus and you're just figuring out it's not a joke? That it's "true what they say"?


So she posts updates everyday on his progress, but we know how it goes:

1) It's horrible, the worst thing ever.

2) He's getting better, his oxygen is up

3) He has to go on a ventilator

4) We're trying to find an ECMO

5) He's fighting for his life.

6) Dead.

They never "understand". Again, this has been the dominating story in the news for 2 years.

RIP David.

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