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David Susen, 69, Lincoln, ME, Father of 11, Grandfather of 11, anti-vaxxer, Dead of Covid

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I don't have a lot to say about David. I know he was a father to a LOT of kids and worked with computers. As for the rest of you need to know about David, I'll let him speak for himself through his posts on social media.

A note from Vaxxylady: Okay, I know you all are going to start sleuthing right away but please consider this: I see no evidence that the family was anti-vaxx. In fact, if the whole family got Covid and David was the only one who was extremely sick, then I'd say there's a good chance they were vaccinated (I could be wrong). In the absence of any anti-vaxx messages or posts from his family I BEG you to please not troll their pages. You all keep asking for more posts and we're TRYING to deliver; however, when you troll pages it discredits our agenda AND brings trolls to SAV. That means we have to spend more of our time moderating comments and less time researching and writing. So, less trolling on all sides means more posts from Vaxman and myself.

And as always, MINORS ARE OFF LIMITS. Do not repost any pictures with minors. That's a line we don't cross.

David thinks that Mexican migrants are more of a problem than the Delta Variant. Which has killed millions of people, Mexicans migrants or Delta? (Hint, it's NOT Mexican migrants.) Way to deflect.

I wonder if his friend Cheryl still thinks that Covid is nothing worth losing sleep over, now that David is asleep permanently!

And watch out for the Democratic "Mafioso". Wow, that lady looks really angry, doesn't she?

Oh no, is he really posting links from Bitchute? Is he in support of states seceding?

You're right David, this isn't an earth-ending event, except for you and other Covid/vaccine deniers.

He found out the Rapture might happen on Passover. Well, he was Raptured, so I guess he was partially right.

He loves to spread misinformation. ANYTHING coming from the Desert Review should be highly scrutinized. says, "Overall, we rate The Desert Review Right-Center Biased and Questionable based on the frequent promotion of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and misinformation regarding covid-19."

Again, spreading misinformation from a propaganda machine,

Ah yes, he mistrusts science and Fauci. No surprise here! Another misinformed American who thinks Hydroxychloroquine is the answer.

It's amazing that he believes all this nonsense when his wife is a high school SCIENCE teacher! If only she'd taught her husband about scientific method and verifying sources.

I will say that he's not a vocal Trump supporter, but it's clear he's NO fan of Biden and Harris.

Of course he loves the job that DeathSantis is doing:

There is a GoFundMe with an aggressive goal of $150,000. Why is the goal so high? It seems, from the video below and from the GFM, that their house is almost uninhabitable for the winter and the money is to build a new house for Sarah. Did David have that huge family and no life insurance?

Uh oh, on December 26th David goes to the hospital. I guess the whole family was sick with Covid.

After a week in the hospital, David passes away on January 2nd, 2022.

It looks like he had a wonderful and loving family. It's tragic that he chose to believe in misinformation and distrust science. It was his choice to deny the life-saving vaccine. That choice has long-reaching consequences for a lot of people, including his wife (who is now a widow), his 11 children (who are without their father), and his 11 grandchildren (who will grow up without their grandfather). This all could have been prevented.

RIP David.

Finally, as always, stay safe and healthy. 💋

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Unknown member
Apr 28, 2022

Every time I read "do my own research" I laugh aloud...


Vaxxylady, my rule is I don't troll the pages of the family members, but the pages of the actual COVIDIOTS themselves? On and poppin.'


Unknown member
Jan 31, 2022

I am underwhelmed when people do their own research...


Jan 27, 2022

Some news. I guess the way folks make money in Lincoln, ME is to submit GFM requests.

David's kid, Elijah, is asking for funds, ($1000), to fix his frozen water pipes:

While taking a little break from college to visit family during winter break, all of my pipes burst. My water pump also has cracked so now I have no water at all. This is a very frustrating thing to have happen in the middle of the semester and it has put immense stress on my whole financial situation. I live in Lincoln Maine

Family of moochers.

Unknown member
Jan 31, 2022
Replying to

Go Fund Me assists moochers and only fools contribute to it. No one can deduct any contribution to anyone on their tax returns (per IRS) as Go Fund Me is not a 501(c)3 charity.


Unknown member
Jan 25, 2022

Another antivaxxer and his father are willing "to pay the price" for their freedumb: I have a party planned when the good news comes that the son wanting a heart-transplant dies... and a bigger party when his dad goes,,.

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