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Damon Thibodeaux, 47, Jacksonville, FL, Released from Death Row (15 years), Anti-vaxx. Died of COVID

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

9/15/2022 There isn't really an update to this story but it was published by Vaxman one year ago today. I thought it was a good follow up after John Parney's story because both John and Damon wished for the vaccine after it was too late. I also decided to republish this because Vaxman had a sincere message for the SAV readers and I think it would be good to hear it again.

Also, since John's story sparked a lot of good comments on the problems with the US healthcare system, this story demonstrates problems in the US justice system. Here is an interesting article from the ACLU on the injustice to Damon; it compliments the article that Vaxman posted below.

Yes, Damon was an anti-vaxxer and it cost him his life but can we blame the man for having a severe mistrust of the government and authority figures? I can't help but wonder how spending 16 years in prison influenced his critical thinking and judgement skills. Maybe he would still have been an anti-vaxxer if he had never been wrongly convicted of murder, maybe not. We will never know. Here is a good comment from user pestkaj:

"If anyone had a totally valid reason to distrust all authority it was certainly Damon. Sad that the system almost falsely murdered him and then his distrust of the system because of this, murdered him."

Anyway, I thought it would be a good post to revisit until I can get a new story published. It's in the works.


Original story, published September 15, 2021

According to this obituary and this story, Damon has died of COVID on August 31. 2021. According to these stories Damon was the 142nd Death Row inmate to be exonerated by DNA evidence in the United States. He spent 15 years on death row and was released in 2012. However, he was a COVID anti-vaxxer, which set in motion his second death sentence. He wasn't vaccinated and died of COVID.

So, was Damon an anti-vaxxer or just hesitant? Let's see:


Well, maybe he was shocked at Tomi Lahren's position and posted for interest:

Ok, well, maybe he's just worried the safety of J&J....

Not looking good.

Oh, he's an anti-vaxxer, and he's NOT going to get vaccinated at this point.

Not when you think making vaccine passport is like the 4th Reich.

^^^ What's the rest of the math look like?

At this point he has 18 days to get a stay on his intubation.

The stay on his death didn't come.

Damon had gotten his first shot and ended up in the hospital 2 days later will full blown COVID. So he was just a little too late. But he'd changed his mind!!

RIP Damon.

NOTE FROM VAXMAN: Please try not to directly insult the dead. They've already insulted themselves and, well, they're dead so they can't hear you. The LIVING Anti-vaxxers CAN hear you! Believe me they are visiting this site and writing me all pissed off. Like livid. Unless they are an extreme influencer like these radio hosts, we should try to keep it civil and a little less celebratory, and definitely shouldn't be calling these people names. Yes, they are all idiots, we know that. Let's try to be a bit more "constructive" and try to convince people who are still on the fence to GET VACCINATED.

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Jan 10, 2023

Bye Damon. Enjoy your death. Since your death the IQ of the average person in the US has risen one point. Thank you for your service.


After reading comments I have to go on a minor political rant. The Democratic party is not the one that I belonged to in the past. They are largely pro-war, pro big business, pro foreign aid to ensconce regimes friendly to USA in power, sell outs who are Repukes for the major money decisions. The COVID-19 bailouts really only bailed out big business and gave a pittance to the people. Our "representatives (dems / repukes) can't be trusted to address health issues because the Affordable Care Act should have made everything free yet now it's more expensive for most. COVID-19 will only be solved (along with our other major health challenges like heart disease, cancer) when they stop lining …


We have to be careful and not draw lines based on a political agenda. Pierre Kory is not all wrong. No everything on the anti-vax side is wrong. Losing 100 lbs, staying fit, eating healthly is going to go far concerning your personal covid outcome. The vaccine has not yet show itself to be what everything thought it was in the beginning - not even close. I'm fully vaxxed and boosted and have covid yet again. Don't bother explaining it to me but at the beginning of this I thought that I would not get a severe case. The current state of affairs is not the best answer and the science needs to figure out something better. If …


Unknown member
Sep 24, 2022

VAXXman is right.


When we start saying, "Good. I am glad that p.o.s. is dead" and so on and such, it REALLY CLASHES with a lot of Christians' and people who say, "Love the sinner---hate the sin".

I am an atheist---but, you cannot be HAPPY that people died because of the MASSIVE RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION and the grifters.

I understand how easy it is to destruct and choose the easy path---I do.

But, I used to be a former MAGA fanatic, Anti-vaxxer (and we gotta be empathetic, because we will ALWAYS be angry, but n…

Sep 26, 2022
Replying to

Russian disinformation and grifters found a home in these people because they appealed to what they already wanted to believe.


Sep 21, 2022

And of course Tammy was lying. Fox requires vax for all employees...

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