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Denise "Truffles" Lyonnais, 68, The Villages, FL, Anti-vaxxer Clown Dies from COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Well, we just lost Truffles, aka Denise Lyonnais, to COVID according to this post. She lived in the Florida retirement community "The Villages" and entertained gatherings and parties as the clown "Truffles". However, she was an anti-vaxxer and none of her posts on Facebook were funny...until now.

Let's see Truffles' comments:

It's really not that funny...

Ah, yes, let's trust Gym Jordan.

Clown vocabulary:

^^^^ "almost" is doing all the heavy lifting in this post.

Cash didn't work.

For completeness, Denise was part of the hilarious retirement community Golf Cart riot, where Biden supporters and Trump supporters clashed after the election on November 8.

Here's a reminder of that event:

Here is Denise at that event, dressed as her alter ego "Trumpy" instead of her normal "Truffles".

RIP Truffles.

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