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Deon Unthank, 73, Nashville, TN, Absolutely Gospel Music Founder, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (12/18/21): Deon didn't survive. See update below:

Original Post (12/13/21):

According to this page Deon is in the ICU with COVID. Deon is the founder of the website: a gospel music website that gets 4,000,000 visits per month. Deon is an extreme anti-vaxxer with many, many posts against the vaccine, mandates, and masks. But let's be honest, with a name like "Unthank" how is he supposed to react to these amazing vaccines?

Hold on, Deon posted a lot about COVID and vaccines. Imagine being so dumb that you refuse to take a vaccine because "libs" want you to...

This statistic seems off:

Maybe this is because he believes in the vaccine? Naw.

Some 13 year old died? Even if so, 5,000,000 have died from COVID.

If you have to be pressured to take a vaccine in the middle of a worldwide pandemic then you aren't acting in ANYONE's interest, including your own!

You should be good to go then....

Scientists are making bank, eh? Clearly, he doesn't know any scientists.

No, NIH Bio Ethics doesn't approve drugs for the FDA. Can't you guys even look into these memes a little bit?

Yeah, this is exactly like the Holocaust. STFU!!

Is that a Greek letter name?

No comment.

Watches that lunatic Greg Locke.

Sam hates you people for putting words on his picture.

Masks are about "control"?

He thinks he has bronchitis. In the worst pandemic in 100 years that effects the lungs. Really, Deon?

And yet still railing against the medical establishment...

Apparently both Deon and his wife Tammie are fighting COVID:

Get better Deon and Tammie!


Update (12/18/21): Deon passed away.

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Apr 25, 2022

Welcome to the . 02% club Mr Unthankful 😑


Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
Jan 27, 2022

Never forget D. Unthank

Who thought that his memes were so dank

A Christian fanatic

Face-down in the attic

Another one for the SAV bank


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 19, 2022

I would dare any of these so-called Christians to cite a single reference to Jesus lying, or bullying or threatening to get people to follow him? I personally do not believe, but if there is a God, this guy is in Hell.


Jan 17, 2022

Why did he need the hospital? He was protected by the blood of Christ and had the holy spirit on his side to heal him.

Could it be they were busy healing someone else in another hospital or perhaps most likely is that they don’t exist at all?

Who can say in this age eh?

On the plus side this did work out for this website and cynical bastards like myself to shamelessly mock his embrace of death.


the irony in the meme he stole is, christianity is exactly what's in that post.

turns out following religion got him an early grave, along with over 800k christian americans.

still wanna pretend religion trumps science and reality, instead of the other way around?

oh well, he learned why folks like him are called fundie.

they die, it's fun!.

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