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Devorah Sklar, 60s, Santa Maria, CA, Maurice Sklar Ministries, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to social media posts written by Gov. Mike Huckabee, Devorah Sklar (still trying to get her exact age) has died of COVID. Devorah and her husband Maurice Sklar ran Maurice Sklar Ministries, founded by Maurice Sklar, which has about 10,000 followers online. Maurice is a Messianic Jew who frequently channels God. Devorah was as active an anti-vaxxer as you'll see on this site. She did tell everyone to get vaccinated while on her death bed.

To get an idea of Maurice and his ministry read this article:

Devorah was loud about her stance on vaccines, masks and COVID-19:

Nazis? I think trying to eradicate COVID-19 is different than what the Nazis were trying to eradicate.

Vaccine causes Delta Variant?

Rand Paul sucks

It's all a conspiracy!

I learned in Logic that (false => true) is true. So start with a false assumption and you can deduce anything you want.

This meme again...

Another falsehood:

At least recommend the original, "Omega Man":

More dangerous?

Lessening the symptoms is what you could've used:

Misunderstanding VAERS:

Easy to fact check!

People and their VAERS disinformation:

Finally, she posts something that is true:

How did seeing what you believe work out?

She did tell everyone to get vaccinated;

After 5 weeks in the ICU:

RIP Devorah.

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