Dianna Rathbun, 57, RN - Pediatric Homecare Nurse, Anti-masker & anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID.

One of the more "requested" entries on sorryantivaxxer. According to this obituary Dianna died on September 27, 2021. She's making the rounds on twitter right now as the Nurse who presented "evidence" at the Lowell, MI school board meeting. We know she's an anti-masker, was she also and anti-vaxxer?

Let's take a look at her social media posts...

It sort of all starts with this...

Well, on August 10, 2021, she posted this now infamous speech that she was quite proud of:

Here is the actual video:

On August 11 she posted this...

Which links to this:

^^^ So now we know. She WAS an anti-vaxxer.

Not related to her views of vaccines or masks but interesting in hindsight:

Well, ok. you proved your point.

RIP Dianna.

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