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Donald P Tice, Anchorage, AK. I'll just let Donald tell you.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Meet Donald P Tice. This will be a short post:

Karma. Oh well.

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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 23, 2022

There might be a bit of a link

Between smarts and Donald tRump ink

Don issued a dare

And heard Covid declare

Will somebody please hold my drink

Bye dumbass.


At least know he knows COVID is lethal.


This guy was particularly heinous. The orange moron tattoo/Mark of the Beast sickens me.


Oct 08, 2021

Hoist upon his own retard.


Jacquelyn McCann
Jacquelyn McCann
Sep 30, 2021

"If >I< die, then all of your paranoid bullshit is legit. If >I< don't die, then you all are fucking deceived political pawns". (emphasis added)

So, f-- the 600K+ who died before me. Mine is the only death that proves it's all real BC mine is the only death that counts.

Trumper mentality in a nutshell.

What sucks most, tho, is how many of their loved ones and friends talk about what wonderful people they were. And in most cases, I believe them. They were likely very nice in person.

It was their damaged emotions that led them to be so selfishly reactionary.

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