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Donovan Eastman, 55, Orem, UT, hairstylist, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (11/17/21): Donovan has passed away. See below:

Original Post (11/16/21):

According to social media, Donovan has complications related to COVID and has just been taken off of life support and is not expected to live. Donovan was as anti-vaxx as they come. He shared memes for sure, but he shared more of his own thoughts than he did memes. His vaccine hesitancy seems entirely based on politics and misinformation and not religion, as he claims to be ex-Mormon (and his wife is a professional astrologist). To his credit, he never mentioned Ivermectin.

Strap in, we're going to post "Big D's" thoughts on COVID and the vaccines:

A lot of questions he asks have been answered in hindsight...

Donovan was an early adopter of the government conspiracy...

Again, seems silly in hindsight...

Clearly Donovan was going to be hard to convince...

It's a movie!! Based on a graphic written by Alan Moore who is an Occultist and Anarchist. And why do so many memes contain Leonardo DiCaprio?

Meme looks like it was created by a 6th grader...

Like I said, seems like there was nothing that could convince him...

Not sure of the truth of this statement, but if you COULD get a free vaccine that would prevent you from getting struck by lightening, wouldn't you take it?

Couldn't PAY him to get it....

Uh oh...COVID is in his town...

He dodged that bullet. At least he's not a Mormon anymore.

OK, is it me or is this the dumbest question you've ever seen?


Rod Serling gets a lot of exposure on memes these days...

Next thing you know...

He's at the prayer warriors stage...

He's starting to have some realizations...

He's at the GoFundMe stage...

His brother says good bye...

Donovan is still living and could pull through, and given his comments of late I'm sure he'd become an advocate for vaccinations.

Get better, Donovan!


UPDATE (11/17/21): Donovan has died:

RIP Donovan.

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19. Feb. 2022

Hmmmm, they didn't have such a successful business that they could do without a GFM.

Gefällt mir

I see stupid people
I see stupid people
19. Jan. 2022

Don, can I call you Don? I see big things for you. In the future, like 40, 50 posts from now, you're HUGE. The flowing mane, the gotcha finger, all of it. You welcome every anti-vaxxer to the site. These folks should be paying for you. As your agent I could get you .01 / .02 mil per hit. No, no not million, mil, but they add up. Whadya say big guy? We got a deal? Don?.....Don?

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16. Jan. 2022

Won’t let him groom my dog. Good riddance to bad trash!

Gefällt mir

Happy New Years Donovan.... Oh sorry I forgot.

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Fabio is in tears.

Gefällt mir
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