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Dorothy Bayford, 56, Gloucester, VA, Pres. Water Pro, anti-vaxx with 8 children, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (11/9/21): Dorothy has passed away after 78 days in the Hospital. See below:

Original Message (10/07/21):

According to this story from September 17, Dorothy had been in the hospital for 25 days with COVID. Well, she's still in the ICU on a ventilator. You can read more about Dorothy and her large family here:

She was quite the anti-vaxx activist. If she recovers we'll see if she changes her tune.

Here are Dorothy's thoughts on COVID, masks, and the vaccines, all from a month before she was hospitalized:

Her daughter and apparently all of her 8 kids and her husband were also against getting vaccinated:

Candice Owens is despicable:

Who is Dr. Dan Stock?


Like so many on sorryantivaxxer she trusts her immune system:

Oh look, she likes another sorryantivaxxer entrant:

Wake up!

Did I mention that Candice Owens is a terrible human being?

It's your smart or be stupid.

By August 25th at least she's in the hospital:

When the story, linked above, was posted on September 1, she was critical but improving (after 25 days);

Since then she was on "end of life" status for a while but seems to have improved a bit. Her VERY GOOD HUSBAND Brain has been doing video updates every day from the hospital. She's now been in the hospital for 45 days. Here is a recent update from October 6, 2021:

A sorryantivaxxer must watch:

There is a gofundme to help with their expenses. They're asking for $300,000. Surely this large family has health insurance? I hope so.

Get better Dorothy!! Your family needs you.


UPDATE (11/09/21): Dorothy is gone. She leaves behind her husband and 8 children:

If you'd like to learn more about Dorothy's views, here is a link to her instagram page:

RIP Dorothy.

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