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Dorothy Bayford, 56, Gloucester, VA, Pres. Water Pro, anti-vaxx with 8 children, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (11/9/21): Dorothy has passed away after 78 days in the Hospital. See below:

Original Message (10/07/21):

According to this story from September 17, Dorothy had been in the hospital for 25 days with COVID. Well, she's still in the ICU on a ventilator. You can read more about Dorothy and her large family here:

She was quite the anti-vaxx activist. If she recovers we'll see if she changes her tune.

Here are Dorothy's thoughts on COVID, masks, and the vaccines, all from a month before she was hospitalized:

Her daughter and apparently all of her 8 kids and her husband were also against getting vaccinated:

Candice Owens is despicable:

Who is Dr. Dan Stock?


Like so many on sorryantivaxxer she trusts her immune system:

Oh look, she likes another sorryantivaxxer entrant:

Wake up!

Did I mention that Candice Owens is a terrible human being?

It's your smart or be stupid.

By August 25th at least she's in the hospital:

When the story, linked above, was posted on September 1, she was critical but improving (after 25 days);

Since then she was on "end of life" status for a while but seems to have improved a bit. Her VERY GOOD HUSBAND Brain has been doing video updates every day from the hospital. She's now been in the hospital for 45 days. Here is a recent update from October 6, 2021:

A sorryantivaxxer must watch:

There is a gofundme to help with their expenses. They're asking for $300,000. Surely this large family has health insurance? I hope so.

Get better Dorothy!! Your family needs you.


UPDATE (11/09/21): Dorothy is gone. She leaves behind her husband and 8 children:

If you'd like to learn more about Dorothy's views, here is a link to her instagram page:

RIP Dorothy.

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Jan 28, 2022

Just checking in.


She's still dead.


Hope covid takes out Candice Blowens before she has kids. Don't need any additional idiot bitches like her running around.


Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong
Jan 02, 2022

So she hates socialism but leaves 8 welfare cases behind.

Good times.


Sips Tea ☕️
Sips Tea ☕️
Dec 23, 2021


She's free, happy and alive for all eternity? Shit the ridiculous gobbledygook these people tell themselves to deal with the harsh realities of life and DEATH. If it's so great, why not just kill yourself? Demented weirdos.

Dec 31, 2021
Replying to

They ARE killing themselves.

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