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Dorothy McPhie, 63, Sagauche, CO, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Dorothy died from COVID on January 1, 2022. And now for something completely different. You'll see. Have you ever heard of the "horseshoe theory" of the political spectrum? Google it.

Let's see what Dorothy was thinking...

All right, here we go. She's sharing "info" from RFK, Jr. about Bill Gates...

Ok! She's into freedumb! No vaccine for her! (Since 1977, wow.)

Oh, there we are, she's posting about Trump...wait, what?

All right, now she's posting about abortion. Uh, what's happening here?

She doesn't seem to like Trump:

But she's against vaccines...and she seems to think it's a conspiracy:

But she hates Republicans!

But she's for fighting climate change!

But she agrees with Fox News on vaccine mandates!

She's into quantum pseudoscience quackery:

But she works to help hybrid wolves find homes:

She gets COVID:

She's home:

No prayer warriors needed with Dorothy! She's connected with her life force...

She loves the healthcare workers:

And she dies:

Note from Vaxman: when I started this site I expected to be posting a lot of these types of people. You see, I am a believer in the horseshoe theory of extreme political spectrum when it comes to rationality and science. Far right-wing and far left-wing are equally irrational and equally dismissive of science. They also tend to have enormous faith in make-believe spirits: on the right it is Jesus, and on the left it is "life force". The thing that seems to keep them separate is the amount of empathy they feel for others. These hippie leftists care much more about the suffering of other people and other creatures, so much so that many are vegan completely out of empathy. Anyway, I was wrong: there simply aren't as many of these left-wing anti-vaxxers as there are right-wing, and that's because the left wing doesn't have the political and financial equivalent of Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN. There is no Candace Owens or Tucker Carlson of the left-wing tree hugging anti-vaxxers. Also, the Russian troll farms aren't targeting those people with memes.

RIP Dorothy.

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