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Doug Ericksen, 52, Ferndale, WA, State Senator, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (12/18/21): Doug has been found. Dead. See Below:

UPDATE (12/8/21): Well, we haven't heard anything about Doug for 18 days. A classmate of his is concerned and apparently has saved some exchanges between himself and Doug about COVID. See Below:

UPDATE (11/20/21): We have an update on Doug, who is now in a Ft Lauderdale Hospital after getting a Medivac flight from El Salvador. See Below:

Original Post (11/14/21):

According to this story Doug has tested positive for COVID on his trip to El Salvador. Doug is an outspoken critic of vaccine mandates in the State of Washington and has also questioned the science behind climate change. But now he's asking his Republican colleagues to help him get some Regeneron sent to El Salavador, since it's not available there. This shows the hypocrisy that these anti-vaxx and anti-mandate politicians display. Consider this post more of a "watch list", as it's early. This was another highly requested post from the stands. :) We'll keep this updated as it develops. I suspect that, like Allen West, he'll get his antibodies and be fine. I'll never understand why monoclonal antibodies are preferred over their own body-generated antibodies spawned by a vaccine. I don't get it.

Doug spends almost every FB post either railing against the science of climate change or against vaccine mandates. He doesn't seem to care about much else.

Let's start with what he's thinking straight out of his mouth:

Clearly, he doesn't think colleges should be requiring vaccination:

I guess this piece of legislation is the only thing he's working on?

And because Climate Change denialism is a pet peeve of mine as much as vaccine science denialism, I'll point out Doug's thoughts on this:

A simple Wikipedia search is all you need with Dr Curry; social scientists who have studied Curry's position on climate change have described it as "neo-skepticism", in that her current position includes certain features of denialism. On the one hand, she accepts that the planet is warming, that human-generated greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide cause warming, and that the plausible worst-case scenario is potentially catastrophic, but on the other hand, she also proposes that the rate of warming is slower than climate models have projected, emphasizes her evaluation of the uncertainty in the climate prediction models, and questions whether climate change mitigation is affordable.

He thinks that Ron Deathsantis handled things well (we know how that worked out):

Oh great, he lumps Climate Change and COVID together as "fearmongering"...

There is so much wrong with this. In the early stages of this pandemic the hospitalizations weren't so high. They were high in the winter of 2021 (December and January), and then again in August, September and December of 2021 and in January. In the timeline from the department of defense there is nothing suggesting that what he says here is true:


Calls for Governor to resign because this clown wouldn't get vaccinated?

It's well known that the leading cause of death for policemen in the USA in 2021 is COVID. Fire them if they won't get vaccinated!

Just because this is so irritating...How will this impact anthropologic climate change??? What???

Worried about his Freedumbs before he left for El Salvador. Oh well.

We'll be watching this one closely.


UPDATE (11/20/21): Since this story was posted, someone paid for Doug to be flown by Medivac from El Salvador to a Ft Lauderdale Hospital:

UPDATE (12/8/21): As mentioned, we haven't heard any updates about Doug, a state representative in Washington, mind you, for 18 days. He's currently in the Hospital in Florida. But one of his classmates, with whom Doug had disagreements a year ago about COVID, is concerned:

So, Doug passes on and we'll wait for Damon to share his conversation. In the meantime, we wait.

UPDATE (12/17/21): Doug has died from COVID.

Now we wait for Damon to release his vaccine debate with Doug. Stay tuned.

UPDATE (12/20/21): Never mind. Damon doesn't want to rub it in....

RIP Doug.

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Still dead, our Doug.

Happy mother's day to me


Apr 22, 2022

Anyone find a comprehensive or investigative article on Doug's demise? I know most newsrooms have been desecrated by hedge-fund ownership, but this seems like a surefire PP winning story. C'mon, editors! Get your shit together.


Remembering Doug Eriksen, a true patriot

Let's review his illustrious career.

  • took $500 grand in lobbying money from the Cambodian dictator while a state senator for Washington state

  • defrauded said Cambodian dictaor by claiming he was an actual U.S. Senator

  • only registered as a foreign agent when caught and to avoid being charged with a felony

  • claimed said Cambodian dictator's sham election was free and fair

  • made repeated poorly explained trips to El Salvador

  • said he was there 'monitoring elections' when there were no elections to monitor

  • went there repeatedly while missing votes back home (that he was paid to be at)

  • while his entire district was flooded and people were losing their homes he was, (guess where?) i…


The guy was as low-IQ as they come. He didn’t have a chance against Darwin.


So Doug is still dead, that's good to see

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