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Doug Kuzma, 61, Newport News, VA, Right wing podcaster, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

UPDATE (1/6/22): Doug died, The Frog Network people think that there are many questions that need to be answered. Click here for the announcement:

UPDATE (12/28/21): Doug is still going, and the Q-people are still pushing the Anthrax theory. Here is the latest update from one of those Q-people.

Original Post (12/26/21): According to this story Doug is in the ICU on a ventilator with COVID. Doug is a broadcaster on the FROG News Network (F.R.O.G. stands for Fully Rely On God). This network seems to be at least partially a marketing scam to push Lifewave X39, a bogus patch that supposedly activates your stem cells through some kind of channeling of light. This network is also known to be Qanon Friendly and of course anti-vaxx and anti-heatlthcare in general (which of course you would be if you had an "alternative medicine" you were trying to sell). Anyway, Doug here got a VIP pass to a Lin Wood Qanon conference in Dallas called Reawaken America. It appears that it was a super-spreader event, and many of the Q-people who attended are trying to claim they were attacked by a biological weapon. They weren't attacked by a biological weapon. They were attacked by an anti-logical weapon -- their own brains. Doug is 61 and obese and now has COVID, and it's not likely that he's going to make it. We'll keep an eye on it.

Let's see if Doug has earned his spot on SAV. (He seems to have changed his Facebook page to this latest one on November 8. I can't find his past social media accounts) :

Let's start with an actual broadcast. Like recent SAV entry Paul Oebel, Doug interviewed the fake "Doctor" Bryan Ardis (he's an ex-chiropractor), who apparently will go on any redneck livestream to push his anti-vaxx and anti-medical views. Also, it doesn't take much to be a News Broadcaster these days...Doug is terrible at this:

But here is his broadcasting award shelf. Notice the WWG1WGA sign? That's one of the ways we know he's Qanon.

In his short time on Facebook he managed to get some worthy posts in:

But he was REALLY excited to be going to the "Reawaken America" Dallas event, which is Lin Wood's, Mike Flynn's, and the Pillow Guy's Qanon traveling tour of Qanon freaks.

Wait, wasn't Mike Flynn recorded calling the Qanon movement "total nonsense"? They've forgiven him this fast?

Anyway, it looks like a great place for COVID to mingle:

Early bird gets the worm, but you can get rid of it with Ivermectin:

Chaos indeed. COVID wouldn't have it any other way:

He gets back home on December 13:

Immediately there is something wrong. Oh, it's just his chronic bronchitis:

All of us here at SAV agree: it's headed in the right direction:

Still going in the right direction:

Someone tried to tell him to go get checked. But he doesn't want the doctors to kill him. He'd rather do that himself:

Let's hear directly from Doug what an idiot he is:

Some think the Reawaken event was targeted? That's what viruses are, biological agents that target idiots who don't wear masks or get vaccinated:

Oh, and Mike Penny, the Qanon pushing YouTube-ing redneck from North Carolina, gives an update on Doug, now in the hospital. Then "Dr. Ralph" almost immediately launches into the COVID hoax theory. Why? So they can push this X39 Lifewave patch that heals everything (except a COVID infection apparently):

You can watch the whole one hour and thirteen minute farce here:

Well, things got worse for Doug of course...and Lin Wood is already is thinking about suing the hospital:

Things get worse, and apparently it's not FROG (Fully Rely On God) anymore, it's become NOPROGRESS (Now Only Partially Rely On God, (but) Refuse Existing Scientific Solutions)

And the latest from NOPROGRESS:

Get better, Doug!


UPDATE(12/28/21): Sort of a nutty post about Doug and the others who got COVID. From this post we learn that at least 13 people got sick from the Reawaken America event:

"...not expected to last but another day or two...."

God seems to be on holiday.

UPDATE(1/6/22): Well, Doug didn't survive. The Frog network people just reported it:

We'll keep an eye on these clowns.

RIP Doug.

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