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Dr. Arthur Neal Mack M.D., 66, Largo, FL ER Doctor, creationist, anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Update: Dr. Arthur Neal Mack passed away on February 28, 2022. Obituary

According to social media posts, Neal is on a ventilator with COVID. This entry was sent to me in completion by a member of SAV. They sent the screenshots and everything, which is great since Neal's Facebook page has been removed. A little extra research shows that Neal is indeed a Doctor of Medicine who spent 35 years in Olney, Illinois. I'm very familiar with Olney, because I have an ex-wife from that area, and believe me when I say it's one of the most backwater areas I've ever seen. Smart people leave in a hurry, never to return. Seems Neal moved to Largo in 2015. Like most people in the Olney region, Neal is very religious. He's so religious that he is a creationist. How on earth does a Doctor of Medicine become a creationist? Anyway, being a creationist probably automatically qualified him to be an anti-vaxxer since science wouldn't be his strong suit. Now, all of the updates on Neal are coming from his brother Doug, who it turns out is very much into science and even posts some positive things about mRNA vaccines. But not Neal. Doctors who won't get vaccinated should lose their license to practice.

We'll start near the 1st of November with Neal. It's all we'll need.

He gets some "facts" from OAN....jeez.

Ok, well, maybe reasonable back in November?

Uh oh, he's spouting about tyranny...

He doesn't believe in Evolution....

More tyranny...

Doesn't believe in Intellectual Property?

Oh boy....

Well then that totally decides it, does it, Neal?

By the way, the Lancet, mentioned below, has had its fair share of controversy lately. It was the journal that published the debunked MMR vaccine relationship to Autism report, and more recently published the HCQ meta-study article that had to be retracted. In any case, there is no article stating the vaccine doesn't work. This guy is a fool.

Neal shouldn't be practicing medicine....

Science challenges secular models? WHAT!?

Scientists questioning science is how you do science. Not religious nutjobs questioning science.

Look at hospitalizations Neal....

Scientific case against Science. Ugh.

But we should just blindly trust in God?

LOL....yep...blindly trust the Bible, but don't blindly trust science...

In the meantime, his more sensible brother posts that mRNA vaccines have been studied for a long time. Discover Magazine report:

And Neal is in the ICU guessed it, COVID...

Still battling...

Apparently he's on ECMO:

Doug explains how ECMO works:

Numbers many people get off of ECMO and live?

Get better Neal, and give up medicine, you suck at it.

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"He would witness to his patients the care and love that he felt from Jesus" and he would occasionally slaughter innocent animals just for fun. What a scrotum. If my ER doc started proselytizing, he'd need his own ER doc.



This science-denying turd head lost his medical license, right?

Oh. I see.

Tots and Pears, Doc!


Oriana Cornett Thompson
Oriana Cornett Thompson

As an MD this guy really offends. Sas to imagine how many people he took with him. tots & pears


Yestermen Darkly
Yestermen Darkly

Fu@&ing creationist POS. Look turd for brains, 1 I am glad your are with your god. Bet your are getting the shock of your life to find out that your POV of religion is WRONG.

the whole “the fossil record was put there by Satan to fool us“ clap trap is just bull shit. Dinosaurs and man did not exist simultaneously. Where the fu@& did you get your medical degree?


I stopped getting notifications, so I had to resub. Sorry for the verbose comments here but I'm trying to catch up

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