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Dr. Bruce Boros MD, 71, Key West, FL. Cardiologist, anti-vaxxer, "seriously ill" with COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this article, Bruce is at home but seriously ill from COVID. Bruce is one of the most vocal anti-vaxx medical doctors in the world. He also appears to be THE leader in the push for using Ivermectin against COVID (at least self-proclaimed). In fact, he recently attended the Florida COVID Summit on Nov 6, at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Fl, where he and others were pushing Ivermectin. At this summer, according to the article, he claimed: "I have been on Ivermectin for 16 months, my wife and I, I've never felt healthier in my life!" Two days later he got sick with COVID. Apparently, so did six other doctors who attended. As a doctor, he'll surely get monoclonal antibodies and be fine, but then claim Ivermectin saved him.

There are so many anti-vaxx, pro-Ivermectin posts on this guy's Facebook page that it's overwhelming. Pushing these things seems to be his only job these days. I'll do my best to keep this short, but it's difficult.

Let's start with a video of him, because it basically covers his belief system, especially the second half of this rant:

Bruce quotes the "Epoch Times" for support of his movement. Oh, and here is where he claims to be the originator of the Ivermectin craze:

Doesn't a double negative make a positive? So he's saying the vaxx protects you?

An ALL CAPS rant:

This is interesting. I'd seen this posted on countless other anti-vaxxers' Facebook pages before I knew about Dr. Boros. Thing is, MOST people recover from COVID. It's not a "study" if you give someone something and they recover. You could give him apple sauce and make the same claim. I hope the standards at USF have improved:

Apparently this guy doesn't get good information:

"Experimental drug" being "forced upon our sovereign bodies." If it were forced, Bruce, you wouldn't be seriously ill.

Vaccine is a scam:

He's essentially announcing the summit he'd be attending:

Pushing the COVID summit some more:

Summit will be the most important meeting since COVID started.


Is Ivermectin a MLM or something?

He's not being honest here. His dad died of COVID after he got jabbed. He was in his 90s:

He likes to combine legit stories with his own agenda. Notice how he does that here? He always starts with 'not vaccinating children', and then it's about Ivermectin, as if the trial site news was promoting ivermectin which it wasn't:

The last post before he got COVID:

Get better, "Doctor".

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