Dr. Mark Gray, DC, 53, Mullica Hill, NJ. Chiropractor, anti-vaxxer, Hospitalized with COVID.

According to his own social media posts below, Mark is in the hospital with COVID. Mark is a Chiropractor in NJ but also claims to be an Investigative Symbologist (see He has two sets of Facebook accounts and webpages. One set for his chiropractic practice and one for his Symbology investigations. However, he made anti-vaxx posts on both of his Facebook accounts. Let's do some of our own Investigative Symbology.

Looking at his post, he believes this is all about control and the New World Order. Throw a little Mark of the Beast in for good measure.

Let's start with posts on his Facebook account that was meant for his Chiropractic Practice:

Well, for starters, he posts this guy, a psychiatrist turned naturopath-nut-job who denies that the coronavirus even exists, and this is all a ploy to genetically modify everyone.

I won't post all of this post as its too long, but you should get the idea (basically, you shouldn't get vaccinated):

Paralysis via Vaccine:

Now what about his conspiracy theory Facebook account? As expected, it has tons more anti-vaxx misinformation:

Using his symbology skills here to decipher the code:

End of discussion? Somehow I don't think so.

We know is the opposite of true:

There's his symbology skills again:

Infinite variant theory:


Stop freaking out.... oh wait!

New World Order:

::sigh:: He stoops to "nazi this coming"

The shit Fauci has to put up with...

It's not about freedom... it's about HEALTH, Mark.

There it is!! The Mark of the Beast. Investigative Symbologist figured it out.

Trump and Biden planned this together:

First the vaccine and then... uh... whatever.

Only a trained Investigative Symboligist could've made this connection!

And then ... it happened.

Luckily, if Mark is feeling a little weak, he has a supply of "Ball Refill" that he sells on his Chiropractor Facebook account:

Hey, get better Mark! Come back and tell all of your followers and patients to get vaccinated.

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