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Dr. Robin Murphy, ND, 71, Homeopathic Doctor (implied anti-vaxxer), dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to hundreds of Facebook posts Robin died on November 18, 2021. One of the posts by a friend mentions (see below) that it was indeed COVID that killed him. Another post mentions pneumonia but not COVID. In any case, it's clear people don't want to put the COVID label on Robin's death. It's easy to understand why. According to these posts and many articles I've found, Dr. Robin Murphy was considered to be a stalwart in "field" of Homeopathy. He wrote a couple of standard texts: Homeopathic Medical Repertory, and Lotus Materia Medica. He is also the director of the Hahnemann Academy of North America. There is no evidence that Robin was explicitly an anti-vaxxer, but plenty of evidence that he was implicitly so. After all, he is a Homeopathic Doctor. For those of you who don't know, Homeopathic Doctors are to medicine as Flat-Earthers are to Astronomy. Homeopathic remedies make the Ivermectin claims seem legitimate. However, medical science as a whole isn't quite yet as rigorous a science as many other sciences, although it's really starting to get there with the combination of genetics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and machine learning. Still, there are all of these lingering unproven anecdotal and pseudoscientific remedies in the name of healthcare that are somewhat tolerated by the FDA and states' medical boards, or whoever oversees this stuff. Homeopathy is one of these, and perhaps the worst of all, because it presents itself with a facade of medical competence and medical sounding terminology that make it seem legitimate. To be continued...

Homeopathy is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine. It was conceived in 1796 by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Its practitioners, called homeopaths, believe that a substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people can cure similar symptoms in sick people. So they find a substance that causes a symptom and then they dilute it so much that scientific instruments can't find a trace of the original substance. Then they think that by giving that to someone their body will respond and heal itself. That's quackery on many levels.

By the way, Aaron Rogers didn't get vaccinated but claimed he was immunized because he did the "Homeopath" thing.

To Robin's credit, I can't find any evidence that he was against vaccination, but he wasn't pro-vaccination either. Here is a PDF from his website proposing a covid-19 "nosode". Nosode is the homeopath word for vaccine or something that immunizes.

The key takeaway...

Now the way that they make their "nosode" remedies is by taking the feces, or vomit, or spit of someone who is sick and then they doing this dilution thing so it's not even really in it anymore. Then they put drops of that on a sugar pill and sell them.

He also gave a talk in March where he was pushing Homeopathic treatments and prophylactic solutions based on these crazy ideas. Another thing these Homeopaths are required to do is when they give a seminar or a talk or see a patient is give a disclaimer (in other words, everything I'm about to tell you is bullshit):

Not only did he present remedies for COVID but he also gave some remedies for pneumonia...

Just nuts. So what happened to Dr. Robin Murphy?

His followers are confused: how come homeopathy didn't help him?

Some more "tributes":

RIP Robin.

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