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Dr. Stephen Porter, 72, Columbia, TN, Pharmacist, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Stephen died on February 5, 2022. Stupid low IQ dead or dying anti-vaxxers are a dime a dozen and easy to find; it's guys like Stephen who really perplex me. Stephen is highly educated (he has a PharmD degree from the University of Michigan) and has had a storied career in Pharmacology. You can read more about him in the Daily Herald, but the highlights are that he served as a Director of Clinical Research and Development for Therapeutic Antibodies Inc. based in Nashville. With his company Pharmacotherapy Consultants and MPI Pharmacological Research, he flew to China 88 times and worked directly with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and VRL laboratories. So this guy understood virology and the immune system better than most everyone who has been posted on SAV, yet he railed against the vaccine and mandates on his Twitter and Facebook feeds, and he gave several presentations about therapeutics for the "China virus". One has to wonder if he was against the COVID vaccine for business reasons. According to his LinkedIn page: Dr. Porter, Founder, Director and CEO of Asgard Brewing Company, Inc. Dr.Porter is Chief Scientific Officer of Moexa Pharmaceuticals Limited [MPL]. MPL is a drug development company with a pipeline focusing on specialized therapeutics for immunooncology and fibrosis. The company is particularly focused on new treatment solutions involving SMAD therapeutics along the TGF-B pathway. Moexa has secured dozens of global patents and has initiated Proof of Concept work on our cancer NCEs. MPL has also discovered and is developing a new therapeutic for pulmonary fibrosis caused by COVID-19. Dr Porter has managed the strategic planning and product development for MPL’s cancer and COVID treatments. So, if everyone gets vaccinated they aren't likely to need these therapeutics, now, are they? He should've gotten vaccinated and stuck to his Asgard Brewery business at his advanced age.

We don't have transcripts of the talks he gave about therapeutics for people with the China Virus, as he calls it, but all of his talks were sponsored by the Republican Party. We do have Twitter and Facebook posts which are mostly all retweets and reposts with a smattering of his own thoughts thrown in. Here are some highlights (too many anti-vaxx twitter retweets to list):

He's been against forced vaccination since 2015:

Dude. You are an expert at this. THINK:

Death in China was due to hygiene? C'mon Stephen. Did you have stroke sometime in the 2000s?

Well, he's a fan of Fucker Carlson:

He's a fan of Hydroxychloroquine:

Oh shit, he's one of THESE guys! Anti-climate science guys. I could rant about this all day. As if climate scientists don't factor these things in. The reason he knows the sun is getting hotter is because of the same climate scientists he's dismissing. It's asinine.

Candeath Owens (by the way, Stephen KNOWS what's in these vaccines! He's a God damn pharmacologist!):

He's a fan of Malone:

The University of Michigan must be embarrassed:

Yep, U of M should consider posthumous stripping of his degree:

Fan of Rogan and McCullough?

I'm still not hearing about this:

More Candeath:

Well, he died from COVID:

RIP Stephen.

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