Dr. Steve Beito, 62,New Braunfels, TX. Podiatrist, anti-vaxx, dead with COVID.

According to this obituary, Steve died on October 5, 2021. I received a private message from a "friend of a friend" of Steve's from the same small community of New Braunfels, Texas where Steve lives. He and his wife got COVID and Steve eventually entered the hospital and subsequently died of cardiac arrest. Naturally, the family and community wants to keep the cause of death a secret as it is rather scandalous for a doctor of Steve's reputation to 1) Be anti-vaxx. 2) Not get vaccinated. 3) Die due to complications driven by a COVID infection. DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility that COVID had nothing to do with his death. Seems unlikely to me that it had nothing to do with it after reading this article which states “SCA [Sudden Cardiac Arrest] incidence was significantly higher and survival outcomes lower during the COVID-19 pandemic period, with evidence of overlap between the two conditions.”

Steve was a Podiatrist in New Braunfels. Early in the pandemic, Steve was clearly against government actions related to the coronavirus public health crisis. He was against lockdowns, social distancing, etc. Later in the pandemic he posted videos that were against vaccine mandates and finally, against the vaccine itself. He mostly posted videos from Ivor Cummins and Dr. Paul Saladino, both of which have had their videos related to the pandemic removed from Youtube for violating community standards (i.e. they were misleading and largely false). I've found Ivor's videos on the radical Kookbabble website Bitchute and posted links here. And as for Paul Saladino's videos that I found, the blurb pretty much covers what he says in those videos all of which have been removed by Youtube for their lies.

Let's see what this Doctor was thinking:

You're starting off very good when you're posting articles from the Ron Paul Institute:

Here comes Dr. Paul Saladino with his propaganda:

More lies from the Ron Paul Institute:

Steve discovers Ivor Cummins crap. Ivor LOVES to show graphs and then completely misrepresent them and give bogus reasons for what you are seeing. He's not an epidemiologist by any stretch of the imagination.

Here is the video in case you want to watch. They are quite boring, intentionally I think as to seem academic in nature. However, he is a simple minded fellow who jumps to conclusions.

And he posts another Ivor Cummins video:

Here is the full paranoid tweet he linked to:

Here is a link to that video:

He links to "Another Way" film trailer. Another Way is a "documentary" that tries to make the case that Sweden's "don't do anything" policy was the right way. We know this was wrong as did most epidemiologists around the world.

Here is that trailer:

He links to the Bitchute posted full movie (illegally?) of "V for Vendetta", obviously suggesting that government actions were similarly motivated as the antagonists in the film.

'Remember, remember..." he says.

Another Ivor Cummins take:


This is still on Youtube so I embedded it below... (let me know if it gets taken down, I've downloaded it):

Joe Rogan and Dave Smith being wrong...

^^^ just google Joe Rogan and Dave Smith and you'll find that.

Variant or Scariant? Another Ivor Cummins take:


Here is Steve's very last post on Facebook:

He died on October 5. Here is someone who knows him also referencing Steve dying from COVID. There are those who seem to want to claim COVID had nothing to do with it, which is understandable I guess.

RIP Dr. Beito.

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