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Drew Scott, 45, Whitesburg, GA, Machine Operator, Anti-vaxxer. Dead.

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Repost 8/19/22: I'm reposting this because #1 it's my birthday, and #2 many of you weren't around the first time this was posted. I happen to think it’s one of the most important posts on SAV.

It's Dunning-Kruger laid bare in a conversation thread on Facebook between good friends, one of whom is a professor of biomedical engineering, and the other a machine operator.

Original Post 9/13/21:

According to this obituary, Drew died on Sept 10. He died of COVID. I'm going to do something different on this post. Rather than post all of Drew's Anti-vaxx posts, of which there are MANY, I'm going to post one conversation. A good friend of Drew's, Professor Richard Green (Biomedical Engineering at UC Santa Cruz), ever so patiently debates the vaccine with Drew and another one of Drew's conspiracy minded friends, Shawn Hardman. It's really good. Please read it out loud to one of your anti-vaxxer friends.

Ok, here is the post that started the debate:

And here is the reply and subsequent debate that follows. Warning: there are almost 70 posts. Richard starts about 4 posts down. He is extremely patient and logical the entire time.

Later his wife posts that he has COVID:

To commend Drew's wife Farrah, she's left that debate up for all to read. She's deleted some trolls who posted after Drew died. Please don't sully this Facebook page. It's an important one for anti-vaxxers to see.

RIP Drew.

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