Elizabeth Fowler, 44, Oxford, MI. Mother of 7, Husband is Nurse, both anti-vaxx, she's on ECMO.

UPDATE (11/26/21): We have an update on Elizabeth's condition. Click to See Below:

UPDATE (11/7/21): Elizabeth is in the ICU according to her friends and family. She still on an ECMO machine. Report from friends is below.. Click here to jump to it

Original Story (10/19/21):

According to this gofundme Elizabeth has COVID and is in ICU. Elizabeth and John have 7 young children. John is an ER Nurse. As you'll see they are both anti-vaxxers. She's currently on an ECMO machine at the University of Michigan Hospital. If anyone can save her it's the U of M Hospital.

As usual, let's establish their anti-vaxx stance:

They have an immune system. Good to know.

This is from John's profile:

Did I mention that he's a nurse?

More John...

More John...

But one of the most prolific anti-vaxxerettes on facebook was Elizabeth:

She posts Candace Owens and her false Nuremberg codes crap:

Magnets, how do they work?

Slow hand has become Slow Planed(emic)

You'd be a Mare actually.

When it's hand written it's true:

See why, Elizabeth...

She loves this argument... she seems to be admitting that getting a vaccine is preferred just like all of these safety measures, BUT...

I told you, she loves this silly argument...

When almost ALL of the people are vaccinated most of the hospitalizations will be from vaccinated people. ::sigh::

Same arguments with different patient ventilated.

Does that seem like a lot of death to you Elizabeth?

Your husband should have been forced to get vaccinated.

Ahhhhh, thanks Liz...


This is the current situation:

Let's hope for her 7 children that she survives and is in good health.

We'll be following this closely.

DO NOT post pictures of minor children. Any comments with pictures of their children will be deleted.


UPDATE (11/7/21): Apparently still on the ECMO as of November 2.:

And the most recent post is from November 4, which sounds like they have now taken her off the ECMO and back onto a ventilator:

Get better, Elizabeth.

UPDATE (11/26/21): Here is an update on her condition from her gofundme page:

That doesn't sound great. Get better Elizabeth!

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