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Elizabeth Fowler, 39, Oxford, MI. Mother of 7, Husband is Nurse, both anti-vaxx, Died from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (12/9/21): Elizabeth Fowler has passed away. See Below.

UPDATE (12/8/21): FYI, I fixed her age, she's 39 not 44. How Elizabeth is still alive is beyond me. She's been in the hospital for 9 weeks. She's been on an ECMO for 7 weeks. Now she's got some other complications. See below:

UPDATE (11/26/21): We have an update on Elizabeth's condition. Click to See Below:

UPDATE (11/7/21): Elizabeth is in the ICU, according to her friends and family. She still on an ECMO machine. Report from friends is below.. Click here to jump to it

Original Story (10/19/21):

According to this gofundme Elizabeth has COVID and is in ICU. Elizabeth and John have 7 young children. John is an ER Nurse. As you'll see, they are both anti-vaxxers. She's currently on an ECMO machine at the University of Michigan Hospital. If anyone can save her it's the U of M Hospital.

As usual, let's establish their anti-vaxx stance:

They have an immune system. Good to know.

This is from John's profile:

Did I mention that he's a nurse?

More John...

More John...

But one of the most prolific anti-vaxxerettes on facebook was Elizabeth:

She posts Candace Owens and her false Nuremberg Codes crap:

Magnets: how do they work?

Slow hand has become Slow Planed(emic)

You'd be a mare, actually.

When it's handwritten it's true:

See why, Elizabeth...

She loves this argument. She seems to be admitting that getting a vaccine is preferred just like all of these safety measures, BUT...

I told you, she loves this silly argument...

When almost ALL of the people are vaccinated most of the hospitalizations will be for vaccinated people. ::sigh::

Same arguments with different patient ventilated.

Does that seem like a lot of death to you, Elizabeth?

Your husband should have been forced to get vaccinated.

Ahhhhh, thanks Liz...


This is the current situation:

Let's hope for her 7 children that she survives and is in good health.

We'll be following this closely.

DO NOT post pictures of minor children. Any comments with pictures of their children will be deleted.


UPDATE (11/7/21): Apparently still on the ECMO as of November 2.:

And the most recent post is from November 4. It sounds like they have now taken her off the ECMO and put her back on a ventilator:

Get better, Elizabeth.

UPDATE (11/26/21): Here is an update on her condition from her gofundme page:

That doesn't sound great. Get better Elizabeth!

UPDATE (12/8/21): Here is the latest update on Elizabeth who is at the University of Michigan Hospital. This sounds awful:

I guess having seven kids makes you tough. Get better Elizabeth!

UPDATE (12/9/21): Elizabeth has died after her arduous battle:

RIP Elizabeth.

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Jan 29, 2022

Uber Loser said No? really? Now that we know he’s a big fat LIAR, I would be shocked if POS, obese husband wasn’t vaccinated from the get go. How do these very obese nurses do their job? They’re the ones you always see sitting on their asses at the hospital


Fsu Snu
Fsu Snu
Jan 25, 2022

Big picture spread in Detroit Free press Sunday (1/23/2022) about Neckbeard Fowler and spawn.

Lucky for him, church handmaids help out with childcare.

Neckbeard is still an antivax nurse, working at McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, MI

The article is paywalled, below is a snipet.

The Tl;dr is-

it's better to die a horrendous death than to get vaccinated

(Jeff Seidel- Columnist) asked John: "What was the root of that decision?"

"I don't trust the vaccine companies," he says. "Because there's no control. They can make a product that the FDA or whoever CDC says it's safe. But then if your kid is affected, you cannot do anything to them about it. They're completely protected by the government."

He says…

Jul 02, 2022
Replying to

Not uneducated, but irredeemably stupid.


Was an article about husband/nurse in my hometown paper today. He described how he was hesitant about the vaccine and why. When asked if he had any regrets about that decision, Dude says “no”. I mean, with 7 kids to take care of, do you think you might just have one regret?


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 21, 2022

Elizabeth, you have no way to know this, but you have set the standard for suffering here at SAV. You are the gold standard for uselessly trying to keep a corpse alive. I am sorry for all the pain and horror you experienced on your trip off this realm. I am sorry your husband, the person charged with protecting you, so brutally failed. I am sorry you chose to believe FB drama queens instead of every legitimate source of information out there. I am sorry you didn't see fit on your own to get vaccinated. That you didn't only means that you are dead. You did not own any libs. You didn't show the man, You didn't win the re…


Jan 16, 2022

7 children, no good life insurance. Go Fund Me……hell no.

One thing is very evident besides their stupidity, they were very talented at making babies, that are now left unprotected. Way to go.

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