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Elmer Waggoner, 61, Princeton, KY, Meat Industry Worker, Unvaccinated, DEAD from COVID

I can't let him go: a story of torture through love.

This is a story of a wife's selfishness and the horrors she put her husband through in the name of love. Shantel Waggoner was the vocal anti-vaxxer in this story, and we know that Elmer was not vaccinated. You can jump to comments here.

As usual, we will first regale you all with a selection of Shantel's anti-vaxx posts.

And a Happy New Year to you too, Shantel.

Unfortunately, Karma had other plans for the Waggoners’ new year. One month later we get this news, with an added GoFundMe.

Confirmation that Elmer was unvaccinated.

What follows are a ton of updates on Elmer's hospital holiday.

I call this a mini dead cat bounce.

More updates.

Gotta pay those bills.

I think the torture begins somewhere in this bunch of updates.

This had me gagging. But woo hoo, he tested negative for Covid (eye roll).

She won't let him go. She just loves him too much, so she'll let him suffer instead.

Some more updates on his suffering

She is going to prove the doctors wrong. In the meantime, Elmer will be in agony.

Some more updates.

And as we say on the HCA, Elmer Waggoner has been awarded.

As always, get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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Unfortunately, Mr Wine is not available to join us this evening, but he sends his best and says give them hell

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28. Mai 2022


Gefällt mir

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Vax Power
Vax Power
02. Mai 2022

"Did you have a good world when you died?"

Jim Morrison

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Mark Novaky
Mark Novaky
01. Mai 2022

I was eating Beefaroni, when I read about the Scrotum/Rectum issues, and all i have to say is BEEFY!

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