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Eric Barrera, 49, Farewell, TX, Unvaccinated, Dead from Covid

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Eric Barrera's story is like most featured here. He's a hazmat technician and a Trump Humper who listened to antivax and political memes that ultimately cost him his life. The difference with Eric's story is the drama that happened after Eric passed away.

Eric had a long-term girlfriend, five children and four grandchildren.

I don't know why this is, but anti-vaxxers all seem to have the infamous shot showing off their catch of the day.

He has all the usual suspects in his timeline: Trump admiration, Covid is the flu, Tucker Carlson, I'm-a-lion meme, communism, and it's all Dr. Fauci's fault.

His farewell to Rush Limbaugh. 🤮

Trump hates wind turbines so Eric must dislike wind turbines.

He seems to be a tad bit gullible if this video made him rethink his entire life.

He also seemed to believe all the election shenanigans.

In late August, Eric and his girlfriend Lisa were on an Alaska vacation.

10 days later. Unspoken prayers.

In the meantime, Lisa is daydreaming about marriage.

Eric pops back on FB with this. He seems to be missing his kids and grandchildren.

Still no COVID confirmation.

A few days later. Eric sadly passed away and earned his Herman Cain Award.

Lisa is really torn up about losing her soulmate.

Eric seemed to be really close with his adult children.

In his obituary, they call out his girlfriend as his significant other. There will be some drama surrounding that in a bit.

A GoFundMe for Lisa was started but it didn't seem to collect a lot. She's referenced using Eric's last name.

Eight weeks after her soulmate passed, she updated her profile to this.

Eric's daughter then shared this. 🍿🍷

Please don't troll his daughters as they have no antivax or political rhetoric.

His daughter-in-law also shared this.

Four months after Eric died. She's married!

I hope he's vaccinated.

As always, please get vaccinated. You can find us on Facebook at Herman Cain Awards. If we get booted again, you'll find us at Herman Cain Awardz or Herman Cain Awardss (our backup pages).

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