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Eric Carlston, 51, Rochester, NY, Anti-vaxxer, fighting hospital for "protocols", in ICU with COVID

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

According to this GoFundMe, Eric is in the ICU with COVID and resisting a ventilator while simultaneously fighting for the right to use the anti-science protocols. The organizer of Eric's GoFundME is SAV entry Ayesha Kreutz; she fought in court for Ivermectin but ultimately was saved by a ventilator and is now fighting to keep Eric OFF a ventilator. Just insane. (Sorry about the picture, some anti-vaxxers don't have the best profile pictures).

Let's study this guy who is part of the protesting anti-vaxxers of Rochester, NY along with Ayesha Kreutz, and Marcus Williams. He's got it all...fighting for Freedumb and Ivermectin. Also, he loves rallies.

He's one of SAVer Ayesha's favorites...

He's really into Ivermectin:

and Freedumb:


Dude loves rallies:

Seems jealous of Nebraska's horse paste policy:


Consider the mind of someone who thinks this way:

Did I mention that Eric loves rallies?

Seriously, this guy takes my breath away:

YES, go home Eric!!!!

No, they deserve to live while your lungs deteriorate:

Did I mention his love of Ivermectin?

LOL. Really? Have any anti-vaxxers been burned at the stake?

RFK Jr's book:

"Doctor" McCullough on Rogan. Screw both of those guys:

Rallies, Rallies, Rallies!!!!

Your lungs' health is nothing to gain? Ok.

Because their science isn't as good?

Yes, Eric, FRINGE epidemiologists are dangerous and should be taken down. Fauci is right. Dissenting science is not a PR issue, it's a science issue, and should be dealt with in journals. The reason you are in the hospital is partially due to these quack fringe scientists.

This kind of logic hurts my brain. ::reaches for Tylenol::

What? Who are we supposed to listen to? Truck drivers?

Eric is certifiable:

This story was about Deb Conrad. All of her claims have been shown to be false:

He loves conspiracy theories:

THEY? Beware of THEY!

I'd love to see Eric's educational background:

Uh oh! All of the posts he's made are about to bite him in the ass:

Oh...but he's been "saved". Just in time!

Except things turn on him, and apparently if God can't save you then it's the hospital's fault:

And here is what Ayesha has to say:

Why doesn't he just go home?

Get Better, Eric (Listen to the doctors.)

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