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Franco Trinca, 69, San Feliciano, IT, Nutritional Biologist, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to this story, Franco died from COVID on February 4, 2022. Franco has been an outspoken anti-vaxxer from the time the vaccine program against COVID was announced. He's made many appearances on TV spouting against COVID and discussing alternative remedies, such as HCQ, organic soil (I guess eating dirt?), vitamins, and Quercetin. He pushed the debunked theory that the vaccines have graphene in them, and also that the spike proteins would cause cancer. He also helped draft a "criminal case" against the Italian government for their COVID response. He declared on Italian TV that he didn't get vaccinated because he has a "good immune system". What's with all these Italian anti-vaxxers? Oh, and apparently he refused to be intubated, which certainly hastened his death. Italy seems to have way more outspoken anti-vaxxers than any other European country. Is Italy truly the Florida of Europe?

Of course, his social media posts are translated by Facebook so they are a little funky but you'll get the idea.

Aparently, someone in Italy died after they got vaccinated. The cause wasn't the vaccine, but he doesn't believe it:

Speaker at "NO FEAR DAY":

I don't know what this means, but it seems serious.

The dangers of the spike protein:

The vaccines are a massacre...ok...

Blah blah blah...mRNA...blah blah blah...

Here's the woman who died in Italy, and they add someone who died in the US:

Even though I know this is an effect of poor translation, I love it! WHAT INHUMAN SUCK!!

Vaccines are a WMD. Perhaps we should launch an invasion?

He's into FREEDUMB just like his stateside brothers!

Italy knows a lot about Nazis...

COVID vaccine is slaughterhouse for children:

Here he's pushing HCQ:

This was his last post. First he was announcing a "self protection" webinar. He means protect yourself against COVID without vaccines. It was shortly after this that he got COVID.

RIP Franco.

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