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Fred Lowry, 66, Volusia County Florida Councilman, Qanon, anti-vaxxer, COVID hoaxer, in ICU w/ COVID

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

July 29, 2022 Update below:

According to this story, old Fred is sick in the hospital with COVID. A little investigation into Fred shows that he pushes every conspiracy lie he can. We'll be watching to see if you make it, Fred.

So this guy gave a "sermon" on May 30, 2021, in which 1) he suggested the Qanon conspiracy-of-baby-eating-Democrats was real, especially among the "Hollywood elite". 2) He claimed COVID-19 is a hoax. 3) The election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Update: Original video of the sermon was deleted. Here is a homemade copy of the part of the sermon where he discusses the vaccine. (We're trying to find the rest of the crazy sermon):

I'm having a difficult time rooting for this guy to pull through. Is that wrong? But hey, there's a chance a brush with death could change him, right?

Get well, Fred.

Update: It seems that Fred has made a full recovery. Fred is still serving on the Volusia County Council. He received almost $40k in campaign contributions, seen here when he was running for County Council. Currently he is running for the Volusia School Board and has been endorsed by the DeSantis Education Agenda. Click on the picture below to see his Facebook page.

I guess his supporters didn't mind his sermon.

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