Fred Lowry, 66, Volusia County Florida Councilman, Qanon, anti-vaxxer, COVID hoaxer, in ICU w/ COVID

Updated: Jan 25

According to this story, old Fred is sick in the hospital with COVID. A little investigation into Fred shows that he pushes every conspiracy lie he can. We'll be watching to see if you make it, Fred.

So this guy gave a "sermon" on May 30, 2021, in which 1) he suggested the Qanon conspiracy-of-baby-eating-Democrats was real, especially among the "Hollywood elite". 2) He claimed COVID-19 is a hoax. 3) The election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Update: Orginal video of the sermon was deleted. Here is a homemade copy of the part of the sermon where he discusses the vaccine. (We're trying to find the rest of the crazy sermon):

I'm having a difficult time rooting for this guy to pull through. Is that wrong? But hey, there's a chance a brush with death could change him, right?

Get well, Fred.

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