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Gareth Davies, UFO conspiracy theory podcaster and vaccine skeptic, dies of COVID.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

According to reports on social media, Gareth Davies, the UFO podcaster and owner of Mindset Central ( ), has passed away from complications due to COVID-19. \Gareth, in his final podcast ( ), admits he's very sick but insists it is just a bad cold and refuses to get himself tested.

In his podcasts from June 2021 he was against any mandatory vaccine movements but said if he had to get a vaccine to work or travel that he would, otherwise he wouldn't be getting the vaccine. He downplayed the dangers of COVID while emphasizing the unknown dangers of the new vaccines.

Perhaps vaccine skeptics should change their "Mindset"?

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Flora Posteschild
Flora Posteschild
07 sept 2021

I was just over to his YouTube channel. In fairness most people were just posting their regrets, but some still insisted that they wouldn't get the vaccine, and the virus was highly exaggerated. Does that mean Mr. Davies is still alive?

Me gusta
Contestando a

A coverup!

Me gusta

30 ago 2021

Well, he chose wrong and there is, thankfully, one less person to spread doubt and misinformation now,

Me gusta
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