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Gary Rains, 70, Jones Creek, TX. Anti-vaxxer, dead soon after Covid illness.

Gary was a God-lovin', Biden hatin', LGBTQIA+ bashin', Covid denyin' Texan.

According to his obituary, Gary passed away on June 18, 2022. His obituary was short and didn't share much about his life, nor did it mention how he died. However, on May 24th he announced that he had Covid and that he had made the correct decision not to get the vaccine. His friend Marleine agreed. He died 25 days later.

His last health update was on June 8th when he announced that he had an "IV 6 Blowout" and was in St. Luke's hospital. He died 10 days later.

Gary definitely earned his place on, as you'll see.

He shared hundreds and hundreds of posts. I think he posted on Facebook more than anyone I've come across for SAV.

He was adamant about not getting the Covid vaccine.

He said he didn't believe the numbers of Covid cases or Covid related deaths. It was fake news, of course.

It's all a hoax, apparently.

He linked to an article that claimed it's mainly the unvaccinated who are dying of Covid, but Gary said that was a lie.

I think we've gotten a clear picture of his feelings about Covid and the vaccine. Let's learn more about Gary.

He was a big fan of Donald Trump. Shocking, right?

He shared lots of posts claiming the election was rigged and stolen from Trump. He also said, "He did win, whom ever says different is completely blind."

He absolutely despised President Biden.

He may have not liked Biden but he loved Christ and shared MANY posts like these:

He declared that he is a climate change denier and said that Texas should outlaw wind turbines and solar panels.

He had some strong opinions regarding the LGBTQIA+ population. He said they're "dildo pumping, peter licking scum," that they don't deserve anything but crap, and it's an abomination for two people of the same sex to get married.

I'm not a fan of Starbucks either, but not for the same reason as Gary. Who is Mudusa?

It's interesting that he was so upset about a proposed statue of Dolly Parton. He doesn't even live in Tennessee so I don't know what it mattered to him. Maybe the world would be a better place if more people worshiped Dolly! She's great!

He REALLY didn't like Yellowstone. He called it the filthiest show ever and said it was an abomination to God. Season 5 premiers November 13, 2022! Bring on that filth!

I'll leave you with one final post from Gary:

RIP Gary

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Another dead Jebus Freak and another win for the home team.


"One touch from Jesus and your whole life will be changed forever"

Yep! Especially if you are fondled (0r worse) as a kiddie.

Why are so many people who claim to follow Jesus such appalling hateful racists?

One needs to clearly identify the reason that the orange pussy grabber enjoys the support and worship of so many like this guy

It is not that he is a successful businessman or a financial wizard. Repeated bankruptcies belie that claim.

It is not his skills at diplomacy. He has none. He is narcissistic, boorish, rude, lacks finesse and is semi-literate.

It is not that he is a devout follower of Jesus. He is an inveterate liar, cheat, serial philanderer and robber baro…



A Trumpster! Really really glad you’re dead!


Sigmund Schadenfreude
Sigmund Schadenfreude

Good riddance to this pile of garbage.



Can't wait until we finally find out what kind of video kompromat Trump had on all the GOP lawmakers and staff who hated him until they loved him. We of course know about Miss Lindsey (a/k/a "Ida Claire"), I'm guessing Hawley has more rainbows than sense as well. Keyleigh? Definitely gangbanged on video by very old, ugly men.

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