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Georgette Colson, 57, Her brother almost died of COVID. She remained anti-vaxx. She died.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

According to social media posts and this obituary , Georgette Colson, 57, of Eastpoint, Florida has died from COVID on Sept 1, 2021. Georgette and her husband Joe share a Facebook account so it's difficult to tell which one is posting. However, either way, her brother almost died from a COVID infection and she still didn't get vaccinated, and then SHE got COVID and died.

Her brother gets off the ventilator on June 2:

She posts that she's not getting vaccinated on August 1st:

She posts an easily fact-checked bunch of conspiracy lies on August 3rd:

She dies on Sept 1st.

She died on her birthday. It was her birthday yesterday (Sept 1):

Some things don't make sense.

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"Nothing is too hard for god" - Hmmm... apparently that's not true.. shocking. Good riddance.


Rough-looking 57


Ron leo
Ron leo
Oct 02, 2021

She looked every one of those 57 years. Get vaxxed and stay out of the sun!


Sep 25, 2021

Happy birth…er, deathday, Georgette. 🎂You’re where you always wanted to be, forever and ever, amen. 🙏🏻


Funny how they got to the hospital to be pumped with all kinds of medication they have no idea what is in them. Make it make sense because I just don't get it!

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