Georgette Colson, 57, Her brother almost died of COVID. She remained anti-vaxx. She died.

Updated: Jan 26

According to social media posts (see below, we'll update with obit later), Georgette Colson, 57, of Eastpoint, Florida has died from COVID. Georgette and her husband Joe share a Facebook account so it's difficult to tell which one is posting. However, either way, her brother almost died from a COVID infection and she still didn't get vaccinated, and then SHE got COVID and died.

Her brother gets off the ventilator on June 2:

She posts that she's not getting vaccinated on August 1st:

She posts an easily fact-checked bunch of conspiracy lies on August 3rd:

She dies on Sept 1st.

She died on her birthday. It was her birthday yesterday (Sept 1):

Some things don't make sense.

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