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Greg Yackley, 47, Wixom, MI, Business Owner, Dead from COVID

5/23/23: Jump here for update. Also, I promise to have some new stories this week. Lucky for anti-vaxxers, we've been pretty slow with new stories. I'm trying to find some interesting ones that haven't been told here. Stay tuned. I promise to have a few new ones this week.

This candidate is slightly different from the norm, but I think you will still appreciate it.

This is Greg.

This is what he does for a living.

Jeff did not shitpost much, but he had two posts, which were enough for me to convict him.

His wife gave us firm confirmation.

This was the post that sealed his conviction.

Greg is quite religious, so we get a lot of mumbo jumbo posts.

Without any warning, we got a socialist agenda.

Da Fuq happened to Greg???

Greg likens himself to Jesus.

What happened, Greg? Why are you in this situation?

Cmon Greg, tell us why your legs don't work.

Spill the beans, Greg. What happened?

Greg was feeling pretty.

One year?

We still need a confirmation. What f.....cked you up, Greg?

Greg will not give us confirmation.

On seeing this post, I realized I have a dirty mind.

Greg really thinks he is Jesus 2.0.

Still waiting for the confirmation. He just can't say it.

I smell irony.

Greg, doing the Macarena.

Greg reminisces but still can't bring himself to say it.

Hang on! Is that Greg??

Yay!! Firm confirmation.

I am getting Hannibal Lecter vibes.

The End.

5/23/23 Update: Sadly, Greg passed away on 5/17 and earns his Herman Cain Award.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook page at Herman Cain Awardz.

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