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H. Scott Apley, 45, adamantly against COVID vaccinations, dies of COVID.

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

According to this story, H. Scott Apley was an outspoken critic of COVID vaccinations. Five days before he died, he posted: “In 6 months, we’ve gone from the vax ending the pandemic—to you can still get covid even if vaxxed—to you can pass covid onto others even if vaxxed—to you can still die of covid even if vaxxed—to the unvaxxed are killing the vaxxed.” He refused to get a vaccination and his family has suffered the consequences.

He leaves behind his wife, Melissa, who is COVID positive, as well as their infant son, Reid.

Sept 22, 2022 Update: Longtime SAV member, Dark Angel found some more info to add to Mr. Apley's story and I thought it was worth an update.

First, his GoGriftMe raised over $47,000! That won't last long now that his wife is a single mother to a bouncing toddler.

His story made it on CNN! Click the picture below or here to watch the video.

I read that people are trying to get around the misinformation labels on social media by using a carrot emoji in place of the word vaccine or shot. Is that why Apley told a doctor to shove a carrot where the sun don't shine? That's not a respectable way for a family man and government official to speak.

He really didn't mince words. In a reply to a tweet from Judge Lina Hidalgo he said, "This tweet should have been titled 'Piece of shit dictator calling on all pussy ass snitches." Let's hope his son doesn't grow up with a mouth like his father.

He also called journalist Ryan Lizza a piece of shit and a partisan hack.

He said that it was "disgusting" that there were incentives for the vaccine. What was actually disgusting was his filthy mouth!

I checked out his wife Melissa's Facebook page. There are lots of photos of her and their son (don't post those here, remember, no kids!). However, despite losing her husband to Covid, there wasn't a peep about her husband's death. I hope for the sake of their son that she is vaccinated. That little boy doesn't deserve to lose both parents. Please, get vaccinated, Melissa.

If you're unsure of which vaccine or booster you should get or where, contact your local health department or visit

Don't forget your flu shot, too!

Personal note from Vaxxylady: I'm sorry that it's been a while since there was a new post. I suffered a couple of pretty major setbacks that's going to greatly impact my life. Sometimes the hits keep on coming. I've asked Vaxman to step in so I can take a break while my husband and I make some tough decisions and regroup. I'll still be checking in though. I'm truly grateful for our loyal readers and your patience.

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