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Harlan Hulsey, 57, Owasso, Oklahoma, Race Car Driver, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Another middle-aged man who had a lot of life left to live. Harlan Hulsey was living a great life with his wife, children and grandchildren. He was big in the race car world. Harlan is now just another anti-vaxxer who mocked Covid, was hospitalized for more than 100 long days, and then died from the thing he mocked. Jump to comments.

Here are some of the anti-vaxx things that Harlan shared. He shared anti-vax posts up until a few days before he was hospitalized with Covid.

On 10/16/21, Harlan was hospitalized with Covid.

It's very "tuff" to catch his breath. He's assumed that he only had two more weeks and then he's back to normal.

Harlan is trying everything to get home to his wife and puppies.

Shitty way to spend your 25th wedding anniversary.

At least he recognized that he was making his wife’s life a living hell.

By 1/13/22, he's been hospitalized for 80 days.

Friends are hopeful that he's gonna make it. Prayer warriors are activated.

Harlan died on January 29, 2022.

GoFundMe activated.

Get vaccinated! Get your booster.

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