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Heather Maddern & Sammie-jo Forde, 55, 32, Belfast, Anti-vaxxer Mother and Daughter die of COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

By now you've heard of this mother-daughter tragedy . Both were healthcare workers. Neither of them got vaccinated. They died just weeks apart on the same ward, Heather on August 31 and Sammy-jo on Septembert 11. Sammi-Jo leaves behind 4 young children, the oldest of whom is 13. Let's find out why.

Of the two of them, the mother, Heather, was the vocal anti-vaxxer of the pair, having posted COVID conspiracy theories on her Facebook account. Sammie-Jo didn't post anything hinting at being against vaccines. Sammie-Jo has 4 children.

She posted the same memes we've seen before:

Video with too many lies to count:

Watch this video of the husband and father explaining all of this and hear how heartbroken he sounds:

RIP Heather and Sammi-Jo.

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