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Heidi Huebel Hitt, 55, Longview, TX, Realtor, Qanon anti-vaxxer, Hospitalized with COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Update no. 3 - 10/6/21 - See below.

Original Post

According to social media posts (below), Heidi is in the hospital battling COVID. Heidi is not only the most prolific poster of anti-vaccine disinformation we've seen, she is also a Qanon insurrectionist who hobnobs with the likes of Mike Lindell and Michael Flynn. She once posted a video she took from inside one of these Q-laden seditionist meetings.

Heidi is an extremist. She's proud of that. I found her while researching anti-vaxxers but soon learned she has all kinds of radical, right-wing, cultist views. She is a Qanon adherent, for one thing, as Seth Abramson pointed out on Twitter on June 1, 2021:

I found Heidi's video and it is kind of scary that there are people like this in America.

And when it comes to her anti-vaxxer views, almost every post she made in September was disinformation about COVID and the vaccines:

She loves Ivermectin:

Yes, we've gathered this, Heidi...

Doctors are using Remdesivir like Nazis used gas chambers? Really?

Nobel Prize winner even says it shouldn't be used for COVID.

"Gotta die anyway one day..." Hard to argue with that kind of logic.


Ron Watkins the Q guy?

Did the gorillas wear masks, Heidi?

The following video has a bunch of Irish "doctors" saying the vaccines should be banned:

These people are hopeless...

She has COVID, but has something to say: she's pregnant with Ebola (J/K - edit, apparently some readers don't get me).

Apparently she's not doing so well...

Join me in hoping that Heidi pulls through, and maybe she'll change her ways and ... OK, let's just hope she lives.

Get better, Heidi!

About comments on Heidi: Do me a favor, there is a lot of material here to discuss without directly insulting Heidi. Sarcasm is ok, but please, it's difficult enough deleting name calling and cheering for death for dumb 20-somethings. I'm likely to get carpal tunnel with THIS ONE trying to moderate the comments.


UPDATE 1 (8:34am 10/2/21): From the "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" department: even as she posts updates about her daughter in the hospital with COVID, her mother Lynda keeps posting anti-vaxx information, herself:

Wow. Texas, eh?

UPDATE 2 (10/3/21 915am): According to recents posts Heidi is doing much better today, apparently because she fired her original doctor - "Dr. Death":

And to cheer her up all of her friends formed a "Motorcade" and paraded around the hospital in her honor:

Get better Heidi!

UPDATE 3: (9:23 am 10/6/21) Now Heidi is blaming her condition on the rationing of Regeneron. NOW she wants the government to step in and do something (forgetting that if the government suggested taking Regeneron she'd be against it). We have a better idea: GET VACCINATED in the first place, then you won't need Regeneron. Apparently, one of her friends posted: "You know what's not being rationed? The vaccine." Which Makenzie promptly deleted. She won't take a vaccine which would help her body increase her COVID anti-bodies, but she'll take anti-bodies afterward. MAKES NO SENSE.

It's getting more difficult to wish you good health, but here it goes...

Get. Better. Heidi.

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Gail Maulhern
Gail Maulhern
Jul 12, 2023

A motorcade? Really?


Lemme guess..."defund the FBI" amirite?

You fucking QUNT.


Plumbing Joe
Plumbing Joe
Apr 13, 2022


Where have you been? Heidi-ing out? See that, that was a pun. Tell me something, was it worth it?

I am not talking about refusing to vaccinate, or getting COVID. I am talking about becoming a free-loader like a welfare queen?

Seriously, you know COVID treatment is paid for by the government, not by you, right? You know that you are basically a freeloader at this point, right?

So, tell me, you are a freeloader, like your MediCare / Social Security receiving mom, and I want to know if being a burden on the taxpayers of this nation is something you are proud to be?

You think illegals are the problem, I think entitled white women freeloading off of…


HHH is no longer the ugliest thing on SAV.

Replying to

She is beyond QT. Smug condescending bitch.


Plumbing Joe
Plumbing Joe
Apr 07, 2022


How is life in Texas? How are you talking about abortion with your daughter? I mean, let's be honest, I know about the 2 abortions you had back in high school. Does Lynda know?

How are you coping with the new changes to Texas' abortion laws, when you know you had to terminate those 2 pregnancies when you 17. What I cannot figure out is: who were the dads?

I mean there were a lot of dudes in high school... remember that night after the big game, yeah the first time you got knocked up? I still have no clue who that dad of that child was... there were a ton of dudes inside you that night.

The second…

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