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Jackie Schmidt Cody, 47, Comstock Park, MI, Registered Nurse, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to social media posts, Jackie died on Jan 2, 2022. Besides being an RN Jackie also had several comorbidities. She was obviously very overweight and she had several autoimmune diseases (APS/CIDP/vasculitis/dysautonomia). I looked up heath organization recommendations on COVID vaccines related to these, and while there was some early concern with Astrazenca, the consensus was that it was recommended for people suffering from these diseases to get vaccinated. Jackie, however, maintained her anti-vaxx position, and we see the results of that stance now. To be honest, I don't love posting overweight women; the comments can be quite vicious and it takes a lot of time to moderate. However, it's good for others who might be in her position to take heed, so I will post this. But, please, no calling her names, no comparisons to extra-large animal species, and please don't compare her to celestial bodies or architectural features.

Was this RN anti-vaxx? Yes, she was:

She was certainly against mandates:

One of the most popular memes among the anti-vaxx crowd:

She posts about her friend having COVID on July 16. Kathryn Wilson ended up dying five days later from COVID at the age of 42 (here a link to her obit):

Freedumb, of course.

This pretty much sums up her position on vaccination:

This is idiotic. "We need them most now because of COVID. Don't fire them for not getting protected against COVID."

Someone with autoimmune disease spouting about "natural immunity" is rich:

Her daughter is an RN and had to work the ER on Thanksgiving eve because of COVID. Did she ever think maybe this is a sign about how dangerous COVID is?

Obviously not, because she becomes very sick. She seems to know her days are numbered:

And she died on Jan 2, 2022:

RIP Jackie.

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