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Jacob Zimmerman, 41, Dayton, OH, Realtor. Thought vaxx was "mark of the beast." Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to this obituary, Jacob died on Sept 11, 2021. He died of COVID. He leaves behind a good wife (as you'll see) and their 17 month old daughter.

No need to beat a dead horse paste, if you think the vaccine is the "Mark of the Beast" then you're about as anti-vaxxer as you can get.

He asks:

And then he answers:

But his wife has a much clearer and sane message for us (read her PSA):

A couple of immediate thoughts here...

1) Way to go Laura! Tell it like it is and spread the truth. Thank you!

2) So his own wife and all of his child's caregivers had the Mark of the Beast?

RIP Jacob.

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MemeRon Mocker
MemeRon Mocker
Feb 05, 2022

RIP, Jake.


Jan 22, 2022

Fanatical Trumpster, died for his Orange God.


Unknown member
Jan 08, 2022

I find it fascinating that there seems to be a common link amongst all these people. The first is they're fanatical Christians. It's "I'm sick and praying to our Savior" and "Send prayers to me" type shit. The second is as Christians they sure don't seem to give two phucks about their fellow man when it comes to spreading this...what...Biblical-like plague?


The only thing more hateful and than these anti vaccine idiots is religion.


Darn...! I thought it was the other Zimmerman from the Fl. shooting/ murder of a teen!.

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