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James "Jimmy" Barber Sr, 60, Youngstown, Ohio, Actor, Anti-vaxxer, Dead From Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Jimmy was a proud veteran and patriot, having served in both the Army and Navy. He served in the Navy aboard the USS Merrill and USS Philippines during operations in the Persian Gulf. According to his obituary, he pursued modeling, boxing, and his most recent passion was acting. In recent years, Jimmy acted in numerous films and shows and was recently cast in a major part in a Netflix series. Jump to comments.

This is his acting career, which seemed to really kick off in 2019.

Unfortunately, he was very political, and I have a hunch this is what led to his unvaccinated status.

His Covid journey starts here.

On New Year's Eve, he let everyone know that he'd tested positive.

He's not doing well.

He checked into the hospital and had time to take a selfie.

At this point, he thinks he's at the Westin and is demanding another mattress. His friend takes over his FB to ask for help. Ugh! 🤬

Jimmy's sister now takes over with updates. First off, what do you think she means by this post which was shared while Jimmy was hospitalized? 🤔

I think the nurse was being facetious.

Jimmy has now been moved to the ICU and placed on a ventilator.

No real changes over the next two days.

Obligatory GoFundMe is activated.

Not much to report on over the next few of days.

Not good!

Jimmy is sadly awarded his Herman Cain Award (HCA).

Jimmy will never get to see that star on Hollywood Boulevard. Get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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