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Jason D. Parks, 44, Paducah, KY, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

This is the perfect weekend story. Let me introduce you to Anti-vaxxers Jason D. Parks and his wife Traca. They have four children and one grandchild. Jason pursued a theology degree but it sounds like he never graduated. According to his obituary, Jason was a hardworking man who pursued a lot of different ventures. He had numerous small businesses (failed ventures?) and loved fishing.

This story will go through their anti-vaxx stance, COVID journey and what happens after Jason's death. It's quite a long story, with Traca blaming the hospital instead of realizing their own mistake was being unvaccinated.

Here are some of their COVID and vaccine thoughts before contracting covid. He even wrote, "A survival rate of 99.8% and you jackwads think you need a vaccine". Boy is that not going to age well. 💅. Jump to comments.

Jason made his stance very clear. He WILL NEVER get vaccinated. 😎

This is the start of their COVID journey. Her son most likely has COVID and she's upset that they're trying to isolate him from spreading it to others.

Take note that they don't have medical insurance. Also, there have been free COVID testing options available during the entire pandemic.

They’re all sick. Jason has COVID pneumonia.

He’s back in the ER and admitted.

He's on the BIPAP.

Over the next couple of days, he makes small improvements. He's doing a great job fighting this BEASTLY. 💪

He has other underlying issues and still went unvaccinated. 🤦

He's back in restraints and Traca is in quite the "fighting" mode. I can only imagine being the healthcare workers dealing with her.

They’re treating him for numerous issues. :(

Someone must be fighting with the hospital. Ugh!

ID specialist? 🤷‍♀️

He's kicking CCU to the curb! Woo hoo!

This doesn't sound good. TMI!

Jason has worked so hard today! 🎉

9/27/21 - A message from Jason.

More TMI.

He's rushed to the ICU and the next few days are NOT good.

He's going on a ventilator. Traca still can't see him.

Jason is determined to live again.

True love. ❤️

The next few days are really BAD.

After 42 days, Jason earns his Herman Cain Award, but the story doesn't stop here. 🍿

The alternate reality starts...

Their own inaction didn't kill him. It's all the hospital's fault. She's also part of a group called C19 Widows/Widowers that want JUSTICE. 😂

After Jason's death, Traca DOUBLES DOWN on her anti-vaxx stance. Saving face?

I'll finish this story and let Traca's TikTok videos tell you her story. 🍿🍷

Don't be like the Parks. Get vaccinated. Get your booster. You can follow us on Facebook at Herman Cain Award(z).

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Unknown member
Jul 27, 2022

guess what i saw squirrelinator,anyrat,and chino boy in a circle jerk


Apr 25, 2022

Guys. I'm afraid Traca has figured it all out.


Jeannie Pope
Jeannie Pope
Apr 12, 2022

An aggressive man meets DEATH and his illusions fall away.

to Jason D Parks, dead of COVID

Covid Masks or no masks vaccines or no vaccines,

I’ve got friends on both sides. OF DEATH THE GREAT DIVIDE.


I haven’t worn a mask. AND BRING IS HOME AGAIN!

I won’t be taking that “vaccine”

I have had Covid. YOU HAVE? HOLD TIGHT!


I won’t have the vaccine” NO, NEVER.

I won’t be coming home, tonight or ever,

I won’t get to kiss my child goodnight,

I won’t get the next joke. WAS THAT YOU?

I’ve lost friends to Covid. AND NOW YOU’VE LOST YOURSELF.



Every time one of these brainless, hateful dumbasses says "My God has this under His control," I want to scream, "Then take your person out of the hospital and free up those resources for others. Let 'your god' handle it."


Daniel Dowling
Daniel Dowling
Mar 28, 2022

I feel for her. I do. Yes, really. She's clearly in a lot of pain, and I can understand how that pain might be so bad that she feels the need to blame someone else for it, even though the most obvious thing in the world is that it was caused by their own negligence. What is not okay is attacking the people who worked themselves around the clock in an understaffed overwhelmed hospital where she wouldn't have sent him if he weren't going to die otherwise and blaming them for his death, simply because they couldn't save him.

Those people are goddamn heroes, God-complex or not, they save lives. All she does is complain they're not saving people who…

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