Jaysen Lackey, 45, Winston-Salem, NC. Anti-vaxxer. Did Q predict this? Dead from COVID.

According to this gofundme Jaysen has died from COVID. Jaysen was deep into fantasy, he was deep into revelations, and he was deep into Qanon. It was all about good vs evil. The thing about putting everything in terms of good vs evil is that it hides the nuances needed for rationality and humanity.

Stay seated and keep your arms and legs inside the post at all times,

Right away we find out that Jaysen is into Qanon the crazy cult centered around the idea Donald Trump is a warrior of God against the evil pedophiles that have infested the democratic party. Yes, it's insane.

Just in case you've never seen one, here is a "Q-Drop" which are these obscure sequence of phrases that the Q-people are supposed to figure out is some kind of clue about what's going to happen in the future. You the resulting culmination of all of this as it happened on Jan 6 at the Capital.

Here is one of the many Q-Drop's Jaysen posted:

And this all leads to the "Great Awakening". Some sort of earthbound reckoning where good will overcome evil. Seems like the plot of the Steven King novel "The Stand". Children are disappearing in great numbers? Amber alert hasn't gone off on my phone in a long time. Qanon people are in the conversation for the most gullible people in history.

Anyway, all these people are primed to be anti-vaxxers and Jaysen is no different.


There it is... DO YOUR RESEARCH:

There it is!! The Mark of the Beast! We don't have to post anymore anti-vaxxer stuff once they most the Mark of the Beast stuff.

Anyway, that was enough for me to write this guy off. He is, after all, completely lost in a fantasy land built out of lies. I'll just toss him into the figurative garbage bin of complete and total gullible idiots and move on.

That is, until I saw the following story. Turns out that his son Elijah was born with hearing loss, vision loss, cleft lip, and recessed chin. The video below was posted exactly 5 years before Jaysen's death. It shows Jaysen at the hospital with their 5 month old baby who has been given a hearing aid and is hearing his fathers voice for the first time::

See Full Story here:

That's.a sharp turn. My heartaches for them.

This video tugged at my humanity, and put my own good vs evil battle on the back burner for bit, and I pondered: "Is there is anything we can do to help these utterly lost people?" After thinking about it for a while I decided. "No, there isn't."

But we might be able to stop someone else out there from heading down that road when they see where it leads. So, back to good vs evil for Vaxman.

RIP Jaysen.

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