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Jeff and Amee Hager, 46, 40, Firefighter, Home life logistics planner, Anti-mandate, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

According to this story, both Jeff and Amee Hager have passed away because of COVID. They leave behind 4 young children. Amee's Facebook page has been deleted, but we found one "medical freedom" frame so we are assuming they weren't vaccinated against COVID.

Amee's facebook has been deleted but I found this on Reddit. We should assume this is the only thing she posted expressing her views, but this combined with Jeff's support and obsession with Donald Trump forces us to conclude they weren't vaccinated because of politically driven reasons. If someone contacts me with different information, I'll gladly remove this post.

UPDATE: A kind vaxxer and friend of the deceased sent us this screenshot which confirms they were indeed anti-vaxxers:

Everyone reading this right now, grab anyone you know by the ear and force them to see this and understand that four young children are now orphans likely because of this lunacy and willingness to fight against science and logic.

May the God these people believe in help their children.

From the article:

The family also pleaded for people to get vaccinated if they haven’t.

“If you are not vaccinated…..please go and get it,” Amee’s family said. “You cannot be replaced! Don’t leave your families behind to deal with this kind of pain and grief!”

RIP Jeff and Amee.

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