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Jeremy & Monica Voss, 42,40, Ogilvie, MN. Own The Fish House, anti-vaxxers, Monica died from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (11/29/21): We have a sad update. Monica didn't survive. See Below:

UPDATE (11/4/21): Local news station interviewed Jeremy in the ICU. See Below

Original Post (11/3/21):

According to social media posts, both Jeremy and Monica Voss are in the hospital with COVID. Jeremy and Monica were against getting the vaccine and against mandates, citing that they violate our freedoms. Their daughter, Faith, who is a healthcare professional (surgical tech), tried to convince them to get vaccinated, but as she says below, the misinformation was too much to overcome. After Jeremy and Monica become ill he changes his mind and admits they should've gotten vaccinated, and he is trying to convince his Facebook friends to get vaccinated. Please wish them a full recovery as a newly transformed, pro-vaxx couple. Perhaps they'll help us change some minds.

They were both against the vaccination, but Jeremy was the most vocal and made it part of his campaign as he ran for school board. Monica simply did the "I believe in medical freedom frame" we've seen countless times:

Vaccine mandates violate our "freedoms":

He makes it part of his platform as he runs for the school board:

Believes "they" are censoring and controlling...

The mail-it-to-me meme:

Project Veritas YouTube lies...

Obviously he loved the mail-it-to-me meme:

So YouTube took away the lying videos and he calls it communism. (Reminder: YouTube is a company, not a government.):

Now let's meet their daughter, Faith. As a surgical tech, she's all about getting vaccinated:

And she posts some real statistics.

Despite saying "don't fight me on this" she gets a lot of replies. The relevant comments posted here are the ones from her parents and their friends. First from her mother who tells her to do her research:

It continues as Faith continues to push science...

She can't believe there is a divide over science. Now Jeremy weights in by claiming he knows some virologists who told him not to get the vaccine:

They still love her:

Well, Jeremy and Monica both get COVID and are hospitalized. Faith is angry at them, their friends, and anyone who exposed her parents to misinformation:

In a private message, Jeremy tells his daughter she was right...

And later tells his friends to get vaccinated:

We'll follow this and update. I REALLY hope for the full recovery of Jeremy and Monica.

Also, thank you Faith for your wisdom and for trying to spread the good word about vaccines and the dangers of COVID.

Get well Jeremy and Monica!!!!

NOTE from Vaxman: PLEASE do not troll this family's Facebook pages. They are making amends. Hopefully they will be out of the hospital soon and are already on their way to becoming spokespeople for getting vaccinated.


UPDATE (11/4/21): (One of our investigative commenters - Shadenfraude Here found this.) A local TV news station interviewed Jeremy from the hospital. Here, he encourages everyone to get vaccinated. Also, apparently his condition is improving and is out of the ICU, but Monica had to go on a ventilator.

To steal a paradigm, this earns him an HCA Redemption Award.

Congratulations and we wish the best. Get better Monica!

UPDATE (11/29/21): Sadly Monica Voss didn't make it. She passed away on the 26th:

We hope for the best Jeremy, Faith, and the rest of the family.

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16. Jan. 2022

No kin of mine thank God, but we have some in my family nonetheless.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Same with my family. My mom had the audacity to say she was happy to have been able to vaccinate to my asshole sister-in-law. My brother emailed her & demanded she apologize to his asshole wife for "attacking" her about not being vaccinated. They know they're in the wrong. Such assholes.

Gefällt mir

Jeremy still on oxygen, long haul for sure. Congratulations Faith

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

I hope Jeremy recovers, I sincerely do.

Gefällt mir

I feel bad for him. The guilt he must have must be unimaginable. I love schadenfreude as much as the next person, but I wish things could've been different for this guy.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

He brought it on himself.

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18. Dez. 2021

Daughter Faith, a wonderful person, recently featured here

And just officially became a surgical technician, brava!

Gefällt mir

10. Dez. 2021

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

Gefällt mir
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