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Jerry Parr, 70, Powell, TN, Pastor, Anti-vaxxer, goes to heaven on the COVID plane.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Jerry died on October 4, 2021. Jerry was the pastor at New Life Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee. He was an impressive anti-vaxxer and apparently a bold one, given his age and his goatee.

This first post kind of wraps up everything Jerry stood for:

Even though his cousin died of COVID in early August, he admits to having the same comorbidity as her:

He's not against reposting right-wing memes:

I don't know what this means...alfalfa and omega-3?

Taking the vaccine is selling your soul to the devil?

Jesus Christ help this guy (is this a prayer?):

Now HERE is what doesn't make sense to me. Here he is touting a hospital and doctors who cared for his son. They also cared for his wife, who has cancer. So he DOES trust them, just not when it comes to the vaccine. Why?

Why isn't he talking to the same doctors as the ones who helped his son? Oh fuck it, I give up. This doesn't make sense. Did your doctors recommend Ivermectin?

And, he's dead:

Just keep praising God.

RIP Jerry.

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