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Jodi D'Antonio, 50, Erie, PA, Respiratory Therapist, anti-vaxx, died from COVID

According to this obituary, Jodi died on November 15, 2021. (Catching up on the backlog here.) From looking over her Facebook page, Jodi was a nice person who loved to make cooking videos while drinking cocktails. Apparently, she was born in the UK because she has a noticeable English accent. According to her obituary, she was also a competitive power lifter when she was younger, which explains how she posted her own updates from the hospital for so long - she must have been strong. So what killed her? Her political and religious views. Scattered among her mostly food related posts, there are signs of her political views and anti-vaxx stance.

Let's see why she ended up on SAV.

First, yes, she posted some Candeath Owens:

This didn't age well:

It's funny how people use political arguments to make claims that COVID was politicized...

She's just rambling...

The weird part is HAVING to bribe people to protect themselves and others...

How many died?

First indication she has COVID: she's already in the Hospital. She has a "do not intubate" order and DNR. She's going to tough it out...

Time for prayer warriors to jump into action:

Dead cat bounce...

Some prayers need to be more specific than others:

She needs a miracle...

Prayer request -> Denied.

A very specific request:

There just haven't been enough prayers:

Prayer warriors are like the Power Rangers...

The lord needs specific instructions:

Her friends take over with the updates:

She didn't make it:

RIP Jodi.

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