Joe McCarron, Donegal, Ireland, unvaccinated, UPDATE: Dead from COVID.

Update 9/24/21: Joe died:

According to this story, Joe is back in the ICU after being coerced and removed from the Hospital by a known Italian Fascist, Antonio Mureddu, despite pleas from the Doctor to stay under his care.

Is Joe himself an anti-vaxxer, we don't have direct evidence of that, but we suspect he is given his association with the Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) party which is associated with the pro-fascist the Freeman on the Land Movement (FOTL) and the right wing Christian Solidarity Party. Joe ran a failed campaign for councilman as a DDI. This Antonio Mureddu, aka Antonio Gravegliu, you're about to hate is also a FotL activist. Advocates of this belief claim they’re not bound by any laws they have not consented to.

First lets establish what an asshole this Antonio really is. A few years ago he got pulled over by a policeman in Ireland. Be sure to hear him at the 10 second mark tell this polite policeman that "I am the Master and you are the Servant".

So Joe gets COVID and lands in the Hospital but this Antonio fellow shows up to save him:

Joe goes home, and they record this to make it seem like he's ok, but he's clearly struggling:

And you guessed it. Joe is back at the Hospital on a ventilator and so far doing better.

Now from the article linked above his family is apologizing for this despicable behavior.

We'll keep you updated on this one.

Update 9/24/21: He died.

RIP Joe.

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