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Joey Bergdahl, 52, Blaine, MN, Registered Nurse, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

UPDATE (12/24/21): I was hoping there wouldn't be any updates over Christmas, but Joey has passed away from COVID. See Below:

Original Post (12/9/21):

According to his wife's Facebook post, Joey is in the hospital with COVID. We've got another RN on He is an RN-PDN Case Manager at Adara Home Health. Apparently they didn't have a vaccine mandate. I really think that there has to be some education in this area in the future. All these RN's bucking medical science and the advice of leaders in the medical world isn't very comforting. Whoever determines the qualifications for RNs should take a look at this.

Well, at least he has integrity.

I guess he doesn't...

Integrity seems to be slipping...

"I believe in vaccinations," just not THIS one. JFC.


Full on conspiracy theorist working as an RN...

What the hell happened to his integrity?

If you're not careful your body will belong to the undertaker...

We tried. Good god, we tried so hard...

Hopefully working outside in the fields somewhere...

Insuring that you have a job is also not a law...

What about "contagious" does an RN not understand?

Anyway, he got COVID, of course, and now is in the hospital...

We'll keep an eye on this. Not a lot of information coming out of the Bergdahl camp though. So we'll see.

Get better Joey! Become pro-vaxx. THIS VAXX!


UPDATE (12/24/21): Joey has passed away from COVID.

RIP Joey.

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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
28 ene 2022

There is a rant linked by a commenter below that reminds me of the Tim Wise essay from a while back. The author used the term "suicide by petulance". It's like if a four-year old actually could hold his breath till he died. These folks are just having Covid hold their breath for them. I'm guessing the end of that tantrum isn't as entertaining as watching the four-year old. Death by drowning is my biggest fear. Holding your breath for as long as possible before taking that gasp and taking in only water, no thank you. Imagine being awake with that feeling, for days. And it's not water, but your own snot. How that isn't enough to ma…

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Mr. Bog
Mr. Bog
18 ene 2022

"Give me freedom or give me death" was never meant to be about committing suicide by virus.

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04 ene 2022

Joey didnt want to lose his freedom, he lost his life instead.

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Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner
03 ene 2022

I did like Joey's emoji though

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