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Johann Biacsics, 65, Kottingbrunn, AT, self-employed anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID, and stupidity

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this article Johann died due to complications from COVID and possibly bleach poisoning. Seems Johann didn't understand the basics of virology. Johann got COVID in October. He was admitted to the hospital in November but checked himself out because he wanted to be treated by Chlorine Dioxide (CDL), enema style. He died two days later. Johann was one of Austria's best known anti-vaxx campaigners. He was very prolific on Facebook as well, as you'll see.

Buckle up. Johann had a lot to say about COVID and the vaccines.

Let's start back in May when he first mentions Chlorine Dioxide as a magic cure-all:

He's probably the first person on SAV to come out can call himself an "anti-vaxxer", and an ABSOLUTE anti-vaxxer at that:

Here he seems to be praising Hungary, whose politicians are questioning vaccines. By the way, Hungary has had the highest death rate per 100,000 in the world in 2021.

Aside: By the way he's a 9-11 conspiracy theorist, too. He seems to be saying he doesn't think there were planes.:

Back to vaccines....uh...praising CLD again. Also claiming the vaccines have graphene in them. They do not, that's false. Also, affect by 5G...what?

Here he's claiming vaccines leave you immunocompromised:

He thinks the Utopia series is real:

Here he is quoting Dr. Ryan Cole, whom we learned about on the Marcus Lamb SAV entry. (He claims to see a 20-fold increase in cervical cancer since the vaccinations.)

The response is funny, plus the fact checks:

So he went to the hospital and checked himself out and gave himself bleach enemas and died in two days.

Since then, his son Markus has picked up the mantle and is trying to clear his father's name. It's not working:

RIP Johann.

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