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John Shuck, 60, Glendive, MT, Librarian/Radio Host/Minister, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to social media posts and a tip from one or our readers, John died from COVID on October 21, 2021. He leaves behind his wife, Beverly, and an adult daughter. (He lost his 25 year old son in 2012). John was a complex individual and quite an enigma. For instance, even though he was an ordained Presbyterian minister for almost 30 years, he believed "that religion is a human construct, Jesus is merely a legend, God is a symbol, the Bible is a human document, and there is no afterlife." He was a staunch supporter of the LGBT community and supported their membership in the church. He was a strong supporter of the Muslim faith and made trips to Iraq. He claimed to believe in science and thought it didn't allow for a supernatural God. Despite his belief in science, as you will see, he was a huge 9/11 conspiracy theorist and this fed into his stance on the COVID situation. He believed this pandemic was yet another government-manufactured crisis created to gain control over the masses. It's all psyops to John.

John has had a few radio programs over the years. The first was "Religion For Life" on a Johnson City, TN, local radio station, while he was a minister at The First Presbyterian of Elizabethtown. That program morphed into the "Progressive Spirit" podcast when he moved to Beaverton, OR, to be a minister at the Southminister Presbyterian Church. Then, recently, he started the "Freedom Loves Company" podcast on his site when he left the church to be a librarian in Glendive, MT. Also, as you will hear, John had a quintessential radio voice and comes across as a trained professional. He had many known authors in the conspiracy realm on his programs. This is a long post because he left a lot of material, so here is a shortcut to the comment section.

First, let's understand his stance on God and the Bible. Here is something he wrote up:

He summarizes it for us neatly:

Next, here is link to and in case you want to browse his material on your own. I'll do my best to point out the relevant anti-vaxx highlights of his material from those sites and his social media pages on this post.

You can actually get a full understanding of John's thoughts with this one podcast, where he just monologues about 9/11 and COVID, called "How Does This End?" :

(downloaded for site completeness)

Another of his podcasts worth listening to when you have time, is his interview of Helen Buyniski, a journalist for RT who also has a chapter in "When China Sneezes," a collection of conspiracy opinions on the pandemic. Here is the interview with "Helen of desTroy" as she calls herself:

(downloaded for site completeness)

And like all of the other entries on, John was active on social media. Very active.

He was active on Twitter with over 15K tweets and 2500 followers. His tweets were mostly retweets of other conspiracy theorists and links to his own articles and podcasts. This one is a doozy:

Like I said, he posted links to his own stuff, which is what Twitter is good for:

He was more expressive on Facebook:

Mind manipulation:

There it is. People who think COVID is a conspiracy think Climate Change is, too...

Is John trying to be the next Steve Quayle?

Ah, he likes memes too:

He likes this asshole and LOVES to call vaxxers the Covidian Cult:

Did I mention that he should be checked for Schizophrenia?

He posted so much more...but you can't gain any more of an understanding of what he's thinking than from what I've presented. So, then what happened, Vaxman?

His wife, Beverly, posted on his Facebook page:

We have it from someone who knows, who wrote to me, that he was sick and died from COVID on October 21, 2021.

Aw, Shucks.

RIP John.

Bonus coverage: Here is a conversation between John and Dr. Annie Bukacek, who became infamous for her position claiming that COVID deaths are being exaggerated:

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