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Katie Diane Thrasher, 59, Ringold, GA, Vigilant anti-vaxxer, remained anti-vaxx as she died.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

According to a post on her Facebook page (below), Katie Diane Thrasher, 59, has died of COVID less than 4 days after being diagnosed. She was such a staunch anti-vaxxer that she posted anti-vaxx messages and memes even has she lay dying of COVID, herself.

Katie was prodigious Facebook poster, posting about god, country, politics, and yes anti-vaxx messages and memes:

Ah, and as we've been doing this we're noticing that the same tired memes are posted by most of the people who are now dead on this site. We've seen this meme many times:

It's the first we've seen of the following one, though:

She posted the next one within hours of her death:

Her last post on this earth was this:

God didn't keep her alive. Getting vaccinated would have.

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