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Katie Howard, 68, Lawernceburg, KY, GOP candidate, anit-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this obituary Katie died from COVID on September 26, 2021. Katie is the founder of Anderson County Republican Women's Club, and a onetime candidate for state senate, but she lost in the GOP primary. The story of her death from COVID has made the rounds, but what people really want to know is...was she an anti-vaxxer? We'll answer that here.

Well, she was certainly an anti-masker:

Ok, here comes the anti-vaxx stuff. I'm pretty sick of this argument. You shouldn't get to "choose" to use a seatbelt either. MANDATE IT! It works to save lives.

And then she caught COVID and died.

And in the comments we get more information:

So it seems a bunch of neighbors got COVID, Katie, unvaccinated, died, but he has next door neighbors who were vaccinated and have COVID and they are actually out doing yard work with it.

RIP Katie.

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