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Keith Smith, 52, York, PA. Engineer, pro-ivermectin, dead from COVID, despite Ivermectin.

According to this article Keith died on December 12, 2021 of COVID. By now, you've all heard about this case. I've gotten at least 100 submissions for this guy, so even though I can't find evidence they were "anti-vaxxers", they were definitely pro-deworming, so I'll give this the SAV treatment. After being admitted to the hospital on November 19, which was nine days after showing his first symptoms and testing positive for COVID, his wife, Darla, fought in court with UPMC Memorial Hospital in York, for Keith to be treated with Ivermectin, which she won. He died anyway. More details on this case below.

Darla documented her and Keith's entire journey on She's since made it private, but I took notes while I was reading it a couple of days ago while it was still open to the public. The following is based on those notes:

Darla asked the staff at UPMC about Ivermectin and they told her there isn't any evidence that it works. However, prior to entering the hospital Keith had one of those online appointments with The American Frontline Doctors (scam artists) who prescribed and sold him Ivermectin which they never received (of course). It took a couple of days and worsening conditions to convince Keith to go on a ventilator.

She felt God nudge her to call Ralph Lorigo ,a lawyer in Buffalo, NY, who is apparently winning court cases to get hospitals to allow treating COVID patients with Ivermectin. She called him on 11/22/21. Note that we're already 12 days into this infection. They sued UPMC and got a hearing on 11/29/21. We're now 19 days into the infection. It took the judge four days to decide. I'd just like to point out that EVEN IF Ivermectin were antiviral, which it isn't in the human body, it was likely too late for it to matter.

The judge in the case didn't compel the hospital staff to administer Ivermectin, but allowed a 3rd party doctor to do it. Apparently, that dose was given around the 6th as it took a couple of days for the doctor who was administering the Ivermectin to show up (what a quack, BTW).

On December 8, Darla mistakes the telltale dead cat bounce we've seen with so many of these COVID patients here on SAV as she believed the Ivermectin was working to heal her husband. His condition improved for a bit and some of his inflammation went down. I think he got his second dose around the 9th and his condition went south. His kidneys started failing and Darla reassured her readers that it wasn't because of the Ivermectin. Even her "Ivermectin Doctor" then recommended not giving him anymore Ivermectin.

Things got bad and they ended up taking him off of life support...

She wrote:

“The nurses removed that cursed tube from his throat and he breathed on his own for a bit, Then, slowly, the time between breaths lengthened. His heart hammered in his chest. Such a strong, valiant heart. Finally his pulse went to zero, his color paled immediately."

“The man in that bed did not look like Keith. He was gaunt, with scabs on his cheeks from three weeks of torture, having that godforsaken vent attached to his face. He had a full beard and mustache. His hair had grown like a wild man.”

Now she blames the timing of the Ivermectin treatments:

“I could have given him the drug on the sly. Yes, they would have caught me.”

“In the end, I didn't do it, and that will forever be a cloak of guilt that will cover me in shame. I waited for the stupid court order, a nine-day delay from the date I picked up the script in Paoli. Then, UPMC played nasty, vile, wicked games for two days and delayed further.”

To be fair, she loved the nurses and staff at UPMC and praised their work. She just hated the administrators.

Besides being pissed off at the administrators at UPMC as well as herself, she's pretty pissed off at God too:

“And God? Remains to be seen, at the moment we are not on speaking terms and we may never be again. I don't know. We are where we are.”

RIP Keith.

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Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
Jan 31, 2022


A middle-aged man named Thmith

Caught corona, but didn't drink pith

Inth-tead he got firmer

While injecting dewormer

Hith wife'th version of marital blith


Obviously, they forgot to offer him a nice drink of fresh piss! See, it was the doctor’s fault!


Imagine being a grown ass person, the beneficiary of dozens of vaccines throughout your life, waking up one day and doubting a vaccine because the fucking My Pillow Guy said so? Did they check the Sham Wow guy's opinion on their hemorrhoids? Check out the Flex Seal guy's book on cancer?

Sweet Jesus these people are fucking dumb as rocks.


Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper
Jan 21, 2022

Keith, I'm ready to administer the ivermectin. Ooops, sorry. Didn't know your arm was going to fall off.

Wow, you're completely rotten!


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 20, 2022

Darla, Hopefully by now you have seen that you were lied to, and not by the real doctors. In what should be a surprise to no one, you were lied to by people that wanted your money. They cared more about your $100 than the life of your husband. The government is not out to get you. Get vaccinated and get your information from real experts. And most of all forgive yourself for Keith. No amount of Ivermectin was going to save him. The truth is that Keith would probably still be here if he was vaccinated. That should be your next crusade.

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